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Running of the Bulls
Pamplona, Spain . July 5-15, 2022
Chris Johnston

Awesome time in Pamplona with an amazing team from Bucket List. We highly recommend Toby and his team.

Chris Johnston
Chris Johnston

Awesome time in Pamplona with an amazing team from Bucket List. We highly recommend Toby and his team.

Chris Johnston

The best place to witness the run

After more than a decade hosting international travelers like yourself in Pamplona, trust us when we say you do not want to watch the encierro from street level. Treat yourself to a morning of fun on one of our many Running of the Bulls balcony rentals. Not only will you have a prime view of the action, but we also provide breakfast and make for great company!

Estafeta Balcony

You have two options to gain access to our exclusive Running of the Bulls balconies: You can either book a full travel package with us, replete with hotel bookings, many chances to watch the run, tours, transportation, and more; or you can book single morning balcony reservations if we have any remaining inventory.

Watch with us from $150

We host guests at two of the most coveted viewing spots along the course. Based on availability, each balcony-only reservation is $150 (USD) per person. If you’re not on the street running with the bulls, you will want to be with us above the fray.

Please note that we accept only a small and exact number of people to watch from our balcony and share breakfast with us each morning. We do not over book because it’s important to us that nobody feels crowded and everyone can see the run easily. 


Balcony 1: La Curva

Witness the most dangerous portion of the Running of the Bulls from above! We have an incredible location at the corner of Calle de Mercaderes and Calle de Estafeta, known as “Dead Man’s Curve” or “La Curva.”

As the bulls come charging down the street, there is a 90 degree turn that has unpredictable results. Sometimes the bulls make the sharp turn, sometimes they wipe out with runners get caught in all of the mess! Enjoy this spectacular view with a breakfast in your belly.

SOLD OUT JULY 8,9,11,13,14 2022


Balcony 2: Estafeta Street

We have several balcony locations along Estafeta Street, which is the longest of the four streets involved in each run. This means you’ll have some of the best perches in Pamplona. You’ll be able to see the bulls as they approach, stand exactly over them as they run by, and also see them as they run off!

If you’re not on the street running with the bulls, this an outstanding place to watch comfortably. Each run is broadcast on national television, and we have a TV up and running to show the beginning portions of the run that are out of our line of vision. We are also located directly across from one of the television cameras, which is a tribute to our balcony quality. In our experience, it’s one of the best Pamplona balconies you can find. Our staff and clients have been at this location for the past several years and we love it!

SOLD OUT JULY 8,9,10,11,13,14, 2022


We’ll bring breakfast

The run begins at 8AM each day, which means you’re in for an early morning. Lucky for you, we’ll take care of breakfast. Our breakfast spread includes items such as beer, wine, juice, sangria, coffee, Spanish ham and tortillas, fruit, Spanish snacks, pastries, and more!

We could not have been more impressed with Bucket List Events during the Running of the Bulls this past summer. Toby and his staff were exceptional. They were knowledgeable, accommodating, fun, and very inclusive. It was an unforgettable experience, with great memories and great people to share it with. I will look forward to checking more items off my Bucket List with this company!!

Brian Forsythe , 2019 Pamplona Client