2025 Running of the Bulls Balcony Rentals

Treat yourself to a morning of fun on one of our many Running of the Bulls balcony rentals. After more than a decade hosting international travelers like yourself in Pamplona, trust us when we say you do not want to watch the encierro from street level. Not only will you have a prime view of the action, but we also provide breakfast and make for great company!

You have two options to gain access to our exclusive Running of the Bulls balconies: You can either book a full travel package with us, replete with hotel bookings, many chances to watch the run, tours, transportation, and more; or you can book single morning balcony reservations if we have any remaining inventory.

Running of the Bulls Balcony Rentals

Running of the Bulls balcony rentals

Option 1:  Dead Man’s Curve Balcony:  Starts at $75 per balcony spot

Witness the most dangerous portion of the Running of the Bulls from just above the chaos!

We are often asked the question, “Where is the best place to watch the Running of the Bulls?” There are a select few viewing angles we would recommend, and one of those is the famous “La Curva,” or “Dead Man’s Curve.” American Runner Joe Distler, a legend in Pamplona, made this part of the course popular during his annual adventures in the streets.

Bucket List Events has an incredible balcony location at the corner of Calle de Mercaderes and Calle de Estafeta, known as “La Curva” during San Fermin Festival. As the bulls come charging down the street, there is a sharp 90 degree turn that has unpredictable results.

Sometimes the bulls make the turn, sometime they wipe out, sometimes runners get caught in all of the mess. Enjoy this incredible view with a breakfast in your belly!

We have a magnificent viewpoint of all of this chaos, so choose your date and reserve your spot today!

Running of the Bulls balcony rentals

Option 2:  Estafeta Street Balconies:  Starts at $75 per balcony spot

We have several balcony locations along Estafeta Street, which is the longest of the four streets involved in each run. This means you’ll have some of the best perches in Pamplona. You’ll be able to see the bulls as they approach, stand exactly over them as they run by, and also see them as they run off!

If you’re not on the street running with the bulls, this an outstanding place to watch comfortably. Each run is broadcast on national television, and we have a TV up and running to show the beginning portions of the run that are out of our line of vision. We are also located directly across from one of the television cameras, which is a tribute to our balcony quality. In our experience, it’s one of the best Pamplona balconies you can find. Our staff and clients have been at this location for the past several years and we love it!

Balcony Only Pricing:

Running of the Bulls
Balcony Date
La Curva
Estafeta Street
Monday, July 7 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025
Tuesday, July 8 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025
Wednesday, July 9 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025
Thursday, July 10 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025
Friday, July 11 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025  AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025
Saturday, July 12 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025
Sunday, July 13 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025
Monday, July 14 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025 AVAILBLE APRIL 1, 2025

Balconies spots are priced per person per day:  Limited Space available.

Frequently Asked Questions

“How many people does the La Curva balcony hold”

There are six balconies that hold 5 people each. Everyone has a clear, unobstructed view of the run.

Running of the Bulls balcony rentals

“What floor are the balconies located?”

La Curva Balcony is located on the 3rd and 4th viewing level of the building. There are 7 levels.

Estafeta balconies are on the first, second, third, and forth levels.

“Is being on the third or fourth viewing level too far from the action?”

We understandably get this question a lot, and here is our experience. Humans and bulls are about the same height, and since Estafeta Street is long and straight, runners have the best opportunity to run in front and behind the bulls successfully. As the runners surround the bulls, they block everything but the bull horns.

We have had balconies in the past on a lower level, and while the experience was just above the fray, the amount of time our guests could see the bulls was brief. After waiting a few years, we were able to secure a balcony on the 4th viewing level that would afford a longer viewing experience.

Also consider that as the bulls come around the curve, they are usually still in a tight formation. It will be a few hundred feet before the runners begin to fill in front and behind the herd.

“Is there a breakfast served?”

Yes, there is a traditional Spanish breakfast served each morning. There will also be coffee and juices. Beer and Sangria will NOT on hand.

“How long are we allowed to be on the balcony”

From roughly 7 am until 8:20 Am

“How do we get to the balcony in the morning?”

We have an informational flyer with everything you need to know. We recommend you join our walking party each morning just to be safe. We will escort you from a local hotel to the balcony, so you are not responsible for trying to decipher a foreign address.

Can we book multiple days?”

Yes, based on availability.

“Is there a group discount?”

We have never had a balcony spot go unclaimed, so there are no discounts for groups or children.

“Is breakfast included?”

The run begins at 8AM each day, which means you’re in for an early morning. Lucky for you, we’ll take care of breakfast. Our breakfast spread includes items such as juice, sangria, coffee, Spanish ham and tortillas, fruit, Spanish snacks, pastries, and more! Alcohol availability varies by location.

Dead Man's Curve Balcony


Reviews (53)

David Unger

This was a first class experience from beginning to end!! Every detail was perfect. Toby and Greg were amazing planners, and did everything possible to make sure we were safe, had the time of our lives, and checked another one of our items off our bucket list!! I highly recommend using them for all adventure activities!!

David Unger, travelled in 2023
Andy McCarthy

Just had a killer couple of days in Pamplona with Bucket List Events. Great hotel and location, really friendly and passionate staff, and the best viewing balcony of the whole bull run (right above Dead Man’s Corner). If you want the full experience, I would highly recommend these guys.

Andy McCarthy, travelled in 2023
John Sheard

Finlay and I are back home now and want to say a big thankyou to Toby and the Bucket List team for making our Pamplona adventure so special. You guys absolutely nailed it. The hotel, the balconies, the meals, and each and every one of you were amazing! 100% recommend Bucket List and we will definitely be booking with you again. Until next time…VIVA SAN FERMIN!

John Sheard, travelled in 2023
Alice Bondulich

I have traveled a lot and this is an experience I'll never forget. We had a balcony directly over dead man's curve, ran with the bulls, amazing meals and information. Fabulous hotel - all stylish and taken care of without feeling touristy. Great people too- Can't recommend enough!

Alice Bondulich, travelled in 2023
Robert B

I highly recommend Bucket List Events. We had a fantastic experience at the San Fermin Festival (Running of the Bulls) in Pamplona, Spain. Toby put together an unforgettable trip and employs a great group of guides. Everyone on the team was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly. We had quite a bit of interaction with Ciaran, Sarah, Dara, Javier and Sophia and they helped make the trip especially memorable. Although we had less interaction with the rest of the team, every one we encountered was pleasant and helpful. From the pre-trip communications to the unbeatable balcony views of the Bull Run and Closing Ceremonies, to the dinners, happy hours, walking tour and hotel, everything was top notch!

Robert B, travelled in 2023
Gianni Galliani

Bucket List Events was awesome. They are very flexible which made it easy to find just the right package for us. They made our experience of Running with the Bulls amazing. The staff was great but best of all, their knowledge made it easy for us to fulfill our dream flawlessly and truly enjoy every minute. The hotel provided was also superb. The location was perfect, the staff friendly, the breakfast spectacular and the room comfortable and spacious. Two thumbs up for Toby and his staff at Bucket List.

Gianni Galliani, travelled in 2023
Ramon Garcia

I did some homework before hiring Bucket List to handle my trip to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona in 2023. I was confident I had made the right choice when I began to receive monthly advice from the company when I signed up in January. The advice was very helpful and concise. The staff was attentive, generous with their time and accommodating and their welcome at the hotel was great. I felt very confident in this young group of staff. Thank you very much.

Ramon Garcia, travelled in 2023
Joe Golio

Bucket List Events provided everything we needed for a great experience Running with the Bulls. From the booking, information leading up to the event, and then at the event everything was professional. The guides we had while in Pamplona giving us the tour of the city, at happy hour, on the Balcony, getting us to the spot to run, and the bull fight were top notch! Specifically Sophia, Jules and Sarah! Local knowledge mixed with event knowledge, very personable, answered every question. Highly recommend Bucket List Events for Pamplona, Running with the Bulls!

Joe Golio, travelled in 2023
Brian Flood

Toby and the crew at BLE were great hosts at San Fermin in Pamplona. The itineraries were well planned and there were plenty of team members on hand to make sure we were taken care of at all times. We spent alot of time with Dara, Jules, Malone and Maggie and really enjoyed hanging out with them and getting their perspective on world travel. We were very happy we chose BLE. It couldn't have gone any better!

Brian Flood, travelled in 2023
Michael Stefanowicz

We have a wonderful time at the San Fermin Festival and the Running of the Bulls! Toby and the Bucket List Events team made everything great. We are still raving about the experience a month later! Will definitely use this service in the future and may even return to Pamplona!

Michael Stefanowicz, travelled in 2023
Edward Michaelson

Toby and his team at Bucket List Events delivered an impeccable experience at Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain during the 2022 San Fermin festival. I would not change anything. We had 17 people, and none of us had to think about a single thing. From the itinerary, to the accommodations, events, and staff, it's impossible to do this event any better. 11/10. Highly recommend.

Edward Michaelson, travelled in 2022
Mallie Al-Khafaji

Amazing experience! The folks that run Bucket List Events for the Running of the Bulls in Spain were awesome! They took great care of us and made the experience unforgettable. Highly recommend and we look forward to traveling with them again!

Mallie Al-Khafaji, travelled in 2022
Richie Adams

Cannot recommend them enough. Toby and his team are first class giving an unbeatable experience throughout the San Fermin festival making it an unforgettable lifetime experience. All the arrangements went as planned the hotel was excellent in a great location close to things but far enough away to give some piece. The activities they arranged such as restaurants were all high quality. Really enjoyed myself and well worth the travel from Scotland.

Richie Adams, travelled in 2022
Sandra Jackson

This was an amazing event that Bucket List made happen with ease. Staff are helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

Sandra Jackson, travelled in 2022
Sabrina C

We used Bucket List Events for our trip to Pamplona July 2022! It was unreal!! The team did such a good job with everything and everyone was so friendly. We have already told all of our family and friends about Bucket List Events. They made the trip effortless for us! The balconies we had to watch the opening ceremony and running with the bulls were LEGIT! My husband ran and said it was the trip of a lifetime! Thank you Bucket List Events!!

Sabrina C, travelled in 2022
Ksisha Stevenson-Johnson

Toby & his crew were AWESOME!!! The Running with the Bulls experience was well worth the pandemic wait. From the history to the parades to the food to the architecture to the people to the music to the total vibe - EVERYTHING WAS PHENOMENAL!!

Ksisha Stevenson-Johnson, travelled in 2022
Mike York

An amazing experience we could not have had without BLE. We thought about just "winging it" and do the run on our own but decided to give BLE a shot instead, a great decision! Toby was great on several phone calls to help us decide and supportive in communications after we decided and prepared for our trip. When we got to Pamplona the hotel was wonderful, the welcome by the BLE staff was more than we had hoped for - they made us feel comfortable from the start. The support the staff provided was top notch. We would highly recommend BLE!

Mike York, travelled in 2022
Sandra Kristiansen

We used Bucket List Events for our trip to Pamplona for San Fermin Festival (Running with the Bulls). Toby and his team did an absolutely outstanding job! I cannot say enough good things about this entire trip from start to finish. The add-on of a few days in San Sebastian was exquisite with another great walking tour including delicious local cuisine. Bucket List Events definitely made this the trip of a lifetime!

Sandra Kristiansen, travelled in 2022
Shawna Lucas

Great knowledge of Pamplona, the runs, local hot spots! Super fun group with much experience running and managing tours - the apartment locations for San Fermin are EPIC.

Shawna Lucas, travelled in 2019
Julie Hirschfield

This is a must do festival. We could not have experienced what we did without bucket list...they are so knowledgeable and make the entire trip stress free. Definitely do the add on to San Sebastián ...that beach was amazing❤️❤️❤️

Julie Hirschfield, travelled in 2019
Florence Tyson

I randomly picked this group off the internet and hit the jackpot. They corresponded with me with details up to the date of our event. They were always available on the telephone for my questions. Very organized. A great way to see an event and let someone else handle the details. Wonderful, friendly staff. Will use this group again. Highly recommend!

Florence Tyson, travelled in 2019
Lucas Gibb

Had an amazing time! As a person who wanted to experience this very old tradition this company did everything I would have expected and much more. The staff’s energy and optimism throughout the several days I was in Pamplona was what made the trip so special. Thank you!!

Lucas Gibb, travelled in 2019
Darlene Brennand

Great time in Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls. Toby and team were very knowledgeable about the city and the festival. Having a local on the team was awesome. We will book with Bucket List again!

Darlene Brennand, travelled in 2019
Matthew Collins

This was my first experience with Bucket List Events and it was wonderful. The team was well organized and readily available. The apartments from which we were able to view the event were perfectly located with plenty of balcony viewing space.  I would recommend Bucket List Events and would participate in another one of their activities. I found the team to be reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. Thanks Bucket List Events!

Matthew Collins, travelled in 2019
Leah Cumberbatch

Toby and his team are amazing! They ensured my husband and I had the best experience possible at the San Fermin festival this year. From the beginning we were happy with the excellent communication during planning and the thoughtful gifts and reminders provided. The team was so much fun and it always felt like a trip with friends. It is clear how passionate Toby and his team are about providing a comfortable experience for everyone. I can’t wait to book with BucketList events again and would recommend them to anyone looking for a great trip without the headache of planning.

Leah Cumberbatch, travelled in 2019
Tanya Hurst

We enjoyed the Running with the Bulls event in Spain. Toby and his team were very professional and organized. We laughed a lot and look forward to the next event that we will attend.

Tanya Hurst, travelled in 2019
Charles Bohanan

Bucket List events did a great job organizing groups for this year's running of the bulls. All of the trolls posting reviews on this page without having actually experienced the company are misplacing their complaints. The San Fermin Festival has been around for centuries. You may have a problem with the event, but don't take it out on Bucket List Events. BLE provided us with excellent information before and during the event. The hotel, the hosts for balcony viewing, the food, the drinks, the coordination for those who wanted to run -- all well organized. I am glad I took advantage of their services rather than trying to go on my own -- I would have never been as successful. They do a terrific job. I would not hesitate to experience another event with them.

Charles Bohanan, travelled in 2019
Jaime Jimenez

I have been to 67 countries and had many wonderful experiences. But Running With The Bulls was an experience of a lifetime that tops all in my book. It had excitement, adrenaline to the max, a touch of danger, lots of constant party and great cuisine from the Mediterranean. I encourage everyone to leave it to the experts to organize your trip. The Bucket List Events did just that.

Jaime Jimenez, travelled in 2019
Henry Valentine

What an awesome experience to Run with the Bulls. Having a professional team like Toby and his team at your disposal, took the stress and anxiety out and allow me to concentrate on having fun. Even the support leading up to the event, like the monthly updates and easy payment arrangement was great. If you plan to participate in any exciting event, look no further than Bucket List Events to organize it for you. Will recommend them to anybody.

Henry Valentine, travelled in 2019
Joyce Yates

We had an amazing time with Toby and team. They made the experience seamless and smooth. We did 4 days in Pamplona and 2 in San Sebastián. The hotels we stayed at were great! We were thankful to have the hotel in Pamplona away from the party scene. They made sure we had all the information we needed to participate in the bull run safely. The 2 days at San Sebastián were a nice way to end a great and exciting adventure. All the guides were very friendly and responsive. Highly recommend doing the tour versus going on your own. You will get way more out of it. It also takes the stress away from trying to figure out all the logistics. Thank you Toby and team!!

Joyce Yates, travelled in 2019
Jennifer Perry

Possible to give more than 5 ⭐️s???!! I can’t say enough great things about our experience with the Bucket List Events team and our time at the San Fermin festival. From the initial outreach to the warm goodbyes and personal messages thanking us within days of us leaving, every detail and task was well thought out as well as thoughtful. We will definitely be back with the help of Bucket List Events!

Jennifer Perry, travelled in 2019
Laura Nelson

Bucket List Events exceeded our expectations! We can't begin to explain what a great job they did with the Running of the Bulls. There is simply no way this experience would have been the same had we tried it on our own. Kudos to Toby, Rich, and the entire team. We truly LOVE every minute of it. We are looking forward to doing it again. Highly Highly recommend Bucket List Events!

Laura Nelson, travelled in 2019
Mark Shevick

Always wanted to experience the Running of the Bulls. Toby and his team did a fantastic job and were with us every step of the way to maximize the experience. The balcony locations to see the opening festivities (Chupinazo) as well as the balcony locations on Estafeta Street & Dead Man's Curve were incredible. I highly recommend Bucket List Events.

Mark Shevick, travelled in 2019
Helen Lopez

What an amazing experience! There were so many things to do and see at the Running of the Bulls. Bucket List Events was awesome and gave travelers so many options. THANK YOU! I would go again!

Helen Lopez, travelled in 2019
Isaiah Estrada

We went to running of the bulls last week and the team at Bucket List Events were very friendly, informative, helpful, and overall made the experience significantly better than we could have had trying to go all by ourselves. They delivered way more than I expected going into it all.

Hands down would easily recommend them for any event they’re offering assistance with. We’re excited to see what other places they can take us to give that top notch experience in another country.

Thanks again guys!

Isaiah Estrada, travelled in 2019
Spencer Kiernan

Exceeded my expectations. The staff were very helpful and organized. Everything was well planned to ensure we enjoyed the experience of a lifetime. Will not hesitate to recommend Bucket List Events to others and look forward to booking more experiences with them in the future.

Thanks again Toby and crew, really a top notch experience.

Spencer Kiernan, travelled in 2019
Michaela Fields

Bucket List Events made the the San Fermin Festival truly a bucket list experience!!! They put us in the BEST hotel. The breakfast and house keeping were amazing, and it is the same hotel the matadors stayed at. They also had some fantastic balconies available for us to view from. Not only from Estafeta street, but also Dead Man's Curve! The staff was always available to answer any and every question, and they were a blast to hangout with! They booked us great dinners and had great recommendations on other places to try. I would definitely recommend booking with Bucket List Events, they go above and beyond to meet every need. It was an amazing experience!

Michaela Fields, travelled in 2019
Timmy Lebaron

Bucket List Events was amazing and cannot oversell their effort and accommodations during the Running of the Bulls 2019. They absolutely lived up to their name. Toby, Katie, and staff were incredible and would def use them again!!! Absolute ? of a group of people who def make the experience memorable beyond expectations!

Timmy Lebaron, travelled in 2019
Ashley Sutherland

They made our trip to Pamplona so easy and unforgettable!! They made sure everyone knew how to safely run with the bulls and keep the bulls safe as well. Highly recommend Bucket List Events!

Ashley Sutherland, travelled in 2019
Ryan Hensley

If you're in to having a good time, not worrying about any aspect of your trip, and making unbelievable memories, then your best bet is Bucket List Events! Running with the bulls was OUTSTANDING!!! Every member of the staff was amazing and extremely accommodating! I had a blast and would HIGHLY recommend Bucket List Events to anyone! Do yourself a favor and get with them for your next trip, you won't be disappointed!

Ryan Hensley, travelled in 2019
Brian Forsythe

We could not have been more impressed with Bucket List Events during the Running of the Bulls this past summer.  They were knowledgeable, accommodating, fun, and very inclusive. It was an unforgettable experience, with great memories and great people to share it with.

Brian Forsythe, travelled in 2019
Rose Acosta

My husband and I ran with the bulls on 7/8/18 and we could not have done it without Toby and his team! Toby is such a cool guy! Very knowledgeable and very easy to be with! They really went above and beyond to give us a once in a lifetime experience! Totally worth every penny we paid for! I HIGHLY recommend Toby and his team for unforgettable once in a lifetime experience!

Rose Acosta, travelled in 2018
Brendan Hastings

Toby & co. put together an incredible Pamplona experience for a large group of us. Can’t recommend them enough.

Brendan Hastings, travelled in 2018
Chris Johnston

Awesome time in Pamplona with an amazing team from Bucket List. We highly recommend Toby and his team.

Chris Johnston, travelled in 2018
Simone Mamo

A HUGE thank you to Toby & Rich (& all the ladies) from bucket list events... these guys made our run with the bulls experience run so very smoothly..you guys went above & beyond to provide an AWESOME experience.. we had such a blast along the way..meeting beautiful people who loved life . it was a blast meeting you all!!... ???‍♂️?‍♀️??????

Simone Mamo, travelled in 2018
Amy G. & Jeremy F.

Showed great interest in what they were doing & a very fun, personable group! Definitely helped ease the stress of possible goring hahaha! Did take their advice, ran with it & survived ?Definitely plan on doing Pamplona again! Thanks for a great time Toby & team!

Amy G. & Jeremy F., travelled in 2018
Brian Bates

After careful research I chose this group to take 14 of my friends to Pamplona to experience the Running if the Bulls!! Throughout the process Toby was there to answer any and all questions I had for my group. Once we arrived everything was organized and communicated well and had an amazing experience from start to finish! If you are looking for a tour group to use I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company and it’s employees!! Thanks again for such a great trip for me and my friends!!!

Brian Bates, travelled in 2018
Maddox Lamme

Joining Bucket List Events in Pamplona for the San Fermin festival was hands down the best experience I could have ever imagined and then some!!! Toby and all of his team exhibited the highest level of hospitality while showing all of us how to fully embrace the amazing culture in this city and during the festival. I would 1000% recommend anyone planning their travels to Pamplona to reach out to Toby with Bucket List. It will be an adventure you will never forget!!! ¡Viva San Fermin!

Maddox Lamme, travelled in 2018
Denny Correll

Not usually one for organized tour types of things I went against my nature and reached out to Toby for one of the stops on a trip I was taking with my son for his graduation. The main event of the trip was Pamplona and the run. This turned out to be a great decision as the convenience and knowledge that came with Toby and the rest of the team at BucketList Events made the trip all that much better. I can not recommend this event and this team enough. Thanks for your attention and making this a great lifetime memory.

Denny Correll, travelled in 2018
Pete Rzeminski

The event of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain has been on my Bucket List, since I was stationed in Sarajevo, Bosnia back in 1998. Due to timing problems, I never made it to the event.

Then I found BuckListEvents com on line, and after doing some research, I signed up with them. What a great decision on my part. Toby Akins, and his great team organized the whole experience for me (and the others who signed up).

I have to admit that I was apprehensive about getting down on the street and actual running with live bulls. Here is how Toby arranges the experience. I arrived at the hotel in the morning, and I had until 3pm to walk around and sight see Pamplona. At 3pm, I was met in the hotel lobby by the guides (who warmly introduced themselves to me), and given my packet (including my cool Run with the Bulls t-shirt). At 6am the next morning, we walked to an apartment overlooking the street where the bulls ran each morning. So, I got to see from above what the actual run looked like. There were other guests in the apartment, who had been there before the previous morning. Today, they were running. Today, I was observing. After the run, some of the runners came back up, and we were able to discuss their experiences, and I picked up some tips.

That afternoon, Toby, and some of the guides took us on the walk of the entire run that had been held each morning. I got to view what it looked like from the street view.

The next morning, we were again escorted back to the apartment, and at 7:50am, I walked down the stairs from the apartment, and out unto the road.

The rocket sounded at 8:00, and a wall of runners started coming down from the direction of the bulls. I started running, whooping it up with the other runners. Soon the bulls were running past, and then they disappeared towards the bull arena. It is a fast experience.

What a rush. Toby and his team make all the arrangements, and we just have to show up to-participate and enjoy. It is a truly professional and well-coordinated endeavor. The entire experience exceeded my expectations. Thank you Toby and Kasey, Kelly, Thecla, LeRae, Fatima and Adrienne for making our trip to Pamplona one worthy of going into the record books.

Pete Rzeminski, travelled in 2018
Ashley Howerton

Once again Toby and his team absolutely delivered an unforgettable experience. This is the second time we have used this organization and they continue to impress. My friends and I had the pleasure of experiencing the Running of the Bulls festival with Bucket List Events this year and I would easily do it again.

The festival itself is such an amazing time, with the whole town constantly buzzing with high energy and good times. If anyone is thinking of going, please go-go as soon as you can, and when you do use Bucket List Events. They had access to some of the best viewing points of the bull runs and arranged the most fun activities in the evenings.

Besides the festival what made this trip an amazing time was the relentless attention to detail and service provided by Toby and his staff. They are all friendly and helpful and they make you feel like you're on vacation with old friends. They make themselves available day or night and they go above and beyond any expectations you might have. In addition to Toby- who is fantastic, we spent a lot of time with Casey, Kelly, and Techla. Words can't justify how much fun we had with these ladies, what a great crew. Fatima, Adrien, and LaRae are also so friendly and helpful to any and everything you need.

I could go on all day about what a great time with had with everyone, so if you have a chance to have a Bucket List Events experience-take it.

Thanks again Toby and the crew!

Ashley Howerton, travelled in 2018
Kristi Rae Landers Wright

The Pamplona Bucket List Event experience was fantastic from start to finish. Starting months before Toby sent information and guides to help you plan, prepare, and of the history of the San Fermin Festival.

The hotel in Pamplona was very comfortable and the away from the craziness going on in the Plaza. We were greeted immediately by friendly enthusiastic people. Our schedule was perfect allowing plenty of free time. The staff was awesome!!! They even found out where we could buy a replacement suitcase for our son as well as bringing him ice packs after he had a “run in” with a bull after his second run that week.

Even though we booked the midweek experience for Pamplona there were people who only had a day or two weaving in and out throughout the week. I was impressed with how Bucket List Event’s was able accommodate them and to give them a full experience.

Toby, you are awesome! We loved your humor and wealth of information, some even useful. :-p Thank you and Kasey, Kelly, Thecla, LeRae, Fatima and Adrienne for making our trip to Pamplona one worthy of going into the record books.

Kristi Rae Landers Wright, travelled in 2018
Flois Aranas

I was very surprised at the quality of service that Toby and his group provided for my wife and I. Running with the Bulls with them was by far the best decision made in terms of planning the trip to Pamplona. I recommend and mention them when i retell my story of running with the bulls.

Flois Aranas, travelled in 2019

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