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Running of the Bulls
Pamplona, Spain



Trip Length:

1-5 Days, July 5 - 15, 2018


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Running of the Bulls Course Guide

Running of the Bulls Course Guide

1) Calle de Santo Domingo

This is where the action begins. The route goes up Santo Domingo to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, from there the run makes a left turn onto Mercaderes. Santo Domingo is the most dangerous stretch because of the crowds and chaos

2) Called de Mercaderes

One of the shortest stretches of the run leading to a right turn onto Calle Estafeta. Bulls typically stay to the left side of Mercaderes, taking the right turn wide, making this another very dangerous point. This is known as “La Curva,” or “Dead Man’s Curve.”

View from Dead Man's Curve

View from Dead Man’s Curve

3) Calle de la Estafeta

The longest and straightest leg of the course, where the bulls gain speed, eventually overtaking runners. Our own Bucket List Events Balcony is located on Estafeta (the South-East corner of the circle marked 3) where you’ll have unbeatable views!

Calle Estafeta

4) Telefonica and Callejon

Telefonica is the short stretch coming after the left off Estafeta. Telefonica leads to Callejon – the final entrance to the bullring. This bottle neck can be extremely dangerous as everyone tries to enter the arena.


We promise you the best views on our Pamplona VIP Balcony, where you won’t miss out on any of the action or the sangria. You can also give us a call to talk about how to reserve a Running of the Bulls Balcony, or to learn more about your choices in Pamplona balconies.

Looking to participate in the actual Running of the Bulls? Download our thorough guide.

Running of the Bulls Course Guide

Our experience with Bucket List Events was all we hoped for, and the running with the bulls amazing. Pamplona is a fun town food and lodging excellent. Toby and the bucket list team were on top of everything and very knowledgeable. Amazing trip!!!

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We booked a trip with Bucket List Events to Run With the Bulls in 2017. It was the best decision we could have made. Our experience doing the event and being guided by Toby and his team was amazing. They put together a first-rate package that was flawless. They were knowledgeable, accommodating and very friendly. We bonded right away and the fun began! They showed us the town, arranged great meals, and were available whenever we needed them. They were never without ideas and suggestions and took charge to be sure we all had a good time. Our group of ten highly recommends Bucket List Events for the chance to Run With The Bulls!

Brett and Liz K, 2017 Pamplona Clients

The Bucket List Event team were hands down the best, funniest, and on-the-ball team I have ever planned anything with! They had our events well planned out, orchestrated on time and thought out. The staff were all so great and made this vacation a memorable one!

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Gwyn L., 2016 Pamplona Client

Crazy organized with 100% effort in our comfort. Our large group, consisting of two families, participated in the running of the bulls in Spain.  Toby and crew made us and all parties with us feel completely involved in the festival. Could not be more pleased. We would use them again in a heart beat.

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The Bucket List Events team provided an amazing professional and personalized experience, and did so in a relaxed setting that allowed everyone to have a great time while feeling comfortable throughout. We look forward to enjoying another Bucket List event with them down the road as they made it so easy for us to focus on enjoying – and surviving (!) --  the running of the bulls.

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We booked a Running of the Bulls package with Bucket List Events and the customer service we received was beyond imaginable!  They answered all of our questions before the trip in a timely manner.  Once we met the Staff in Pamplona, they were super friendly and helpful.  They went above and beyond to make sure we had an amazing time.  They were very knowledgeable about the festival and the culture and they treated us like family-they were super fun to hang out with.  This was a great experience for us and I would book with them again in a heartbeat!

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