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Kentucky Derby
Louisville, KY . April 29-May 2, 2021
Melissa Budd-Wilkowski

I highly recommend Bucket List Events! Thank you for showing our group a fantastic time! Every activity was well organized and so much fun!

Melissa Budd-Wilkowski
Melissa Budd-Wilkowski

I highly recommend Bucket List Events! Thank you for showing our group a fantastic time! Every activity was well organized and so much fun!

Melissa Budd-Wilkowski
(866) 343-6133

Understanding Kentucky Derby tickets and seating options

Ticketing for the Kentucky Derby is complex and you have many options for many different prices. Part of traveling with Bucket List Events means having our experienced travel guides giving you expert advice on how to pick the best tickets for your party’s needs.

An important thing to understand about Churchill Downs is that the higher your seat, the more valuable the ticket because you can see more of the track. From wherever your seat is located, you can always visit everything beneath you, but the reverse is not true. For example, with a 3rd floor Clubhouse seat you are free to roam around the first floor Clubhouse, but not vice versa. You can never visit upwards from where you are ticketed.

Below is our detailed breakdown of the different ticketing options for Kentucky Derby. Keep in mind that the prices listed here are for the tickets only, and do not include lodging, tours, or anything else included in our travel packages.

1. The Infield

kentucky derby infield

 General admission

The Infield is a fun, raucous area, with plenty of options for drinking, eating and betting on the races. It’s a lot like Mardi Gras. There are, however, a couple of downsides. For one thing, there are no actual seats. You will stand or sit on the ground the whole day. For another, you don’t have much of a view of the track and will instead watch the race mostly on TV screens.

If you are going with friends looking to roam, the Infield can make for a very fun party. However, if you are bringing a significant other and looking for a more refined experience, then you’ll want to look at upgrade options.


2. The Grandstand

kentucky derby tickets

Churchill Downs Clubhouse and Grandstands

 Reserved seating

The Grandstand consists of reserved bleacher seating and are located well before the finish line. They are the least expensive option for a reserved seat.

Floor Rows Description
1st Floor 125 – 128 Least expensive reserved seats
1st Floor 120 – 124 Slightly better
2nd Floor 222 – 228 Better view than first floor
3rd Floor 322 -325 Best seats in the Grandstand


3. The Clubhouse

clubhouse kentucky derby

 Reserved seating

The Clubhouse consists of chairback seats. This is where you are most likely to spot women wearing big hats and men in sport coats. Usually sold in groups of 6 or 8. In our humble opinions, the best place to watch the race is from the last tier in the third floor of the Clubhouse.

Floor Rows Description
1st Floor 112 – 114 Least expensive Clubhouse experience
1st Floor 115 – 119 Near the finish line
2nd Floor 212 Includes access to 3rd floor Clubhouse
3rd Floor Clubhouse General Admission Standing room only
3rd Floor 312 – 314, 320 – 321 Best value at Churchill Downs!
3rd Floor 315 – 319 Best seats in all of Churchill Downs!


4. Inside Table Seating

kentucky derby tickets

 Room and box access
Mingle with Louisville’s elite by reserving a table in one of these exclusive rooms and boxes. You’ll have a prime view of the track and be able to watch the race behind glass. In the Turf Club, you’re likely to run into several celebrities. Tables usually accommodate 8 guests.

Area Section Description
Millionaire’s Row 4th and 6th floors Table seating behind glass
Skye Terrace Dedicated Reserved table seating, open air
Turf Club Dedicated Standing room only
Turf Club Boxes Dedicated Exclusive Club Area
Turf Club Lettered Table Dedicated Excellent reserved club seating


5. VIP Lounge Seating

kentucky derby tickets

The Balcony at Millionaire’s Row

 Exclusive lounge seating
Get access to super secret VIP lounges, the tickets for which are not available to the general public. You’ll get table seating, an outdoor view of the track, catering, and so much more.

These tickets are guaranteed in pairs only and are extremely limited with only six seats available in each category.

Area Section Description
Turf Terrace Table Dedicated Best tables in Churchill Downs!
The Mansion Secret Private area with secret entry, concierge, and full building access