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Experience Oktoberfest
Munich, Germany . Sep. 21 - Oct. 6, 2024
Christopher A. Gieser

I had an awesome time. Thank you all for such a great experience. And for my first trip overseas, I felt I picked the right group of people to guide me.

Christopher A. Gieser
Christopher A. Gieser

I had an awesome time. Thank you all for such a great experience. And for my first trip overseas, I felt I picked the right group of people to guide me.

Christopher A. Gieser

Bottom Line: We’ve got Oktoberfest beer tent tickets and reservations

Oktoberfest beer tent tickets

With almost 7 million people attending Oktoberfest each year, getting a beer tent reservation ticket is no easy feat. Lucky for you, Bucket List Events has the hook up. Travel with us to Oktoberfest for exclusive seats in a gigantic beer tent from one of Munich’s most beloved breweries.

Oktoberfest beer tent tickets are included in all of our packages.

Do I have to have a ticket to get into a beer tent?

You don’t have to have an Oktoberfest ticket or reservation to enter the Oktoberfest grounds, and you do not need a reservation to get a seat in a beer tent. There are general admission sections in each tent.

But without a beer tent reservation, you’ll need to be prepared to wait or be super aggressive early in the morning. The lines are long, seating is scarce, and the guarantees that you’ll get in are nil. Why risk traveling halfway across the world just to wait for hours in line only to be turned away at the door?

How do I get beer tent tickets?

Oktoberfest tickets (beer tent reservations) are managed by the individual tents. Each has their own reservation process, mostly handled via online request. If you are able to secure a reservation directly through one of the tents, there is minimum commitment of 8 or 10 tickets. You are not able to purchase small quantities, tables only.

You can contact each tent directly and ask for a specific date and time. Every tent has its own system for booking reservations, and they each start the process at different times. Over the course of the year they field thousands of requests from all over the world, and to be blunt, they fulfill practically none of them.

Why? Because the first choice of reservations dates and times go to families and companies that have a previous relationship with the tent. In some cases, the relationships go back multiple generations! Once the smoke clears, there are practically no spots left for new customers.

Furthermore, most tents require that reservation requests are submitted in German.

 Can we purchase just a beer tent reservation from you?

No, by law a hotel or tour is required to be a part of every booking. Oktoberfest tickets are not eligible for individual resale. This is monitored by the tents as well, so be careful about buying a reservation being sold publicly online. The tents like to make examples of those who purchase illegal tickets too. Don’t be the person in cuffs just because you wanted to book your hotel using points and cut corners everywhere else.

Do I have to pay for a reservation directly from the tent?

Technically no, but you are required to purchased pre-paid vouchers. So I guess in the end you did just pay for a reservation? But you were going to drink two beers anyway right?

oktoberfest tickets

Sprinting in lederhosen is quite the challenge

Is it hard to get a GA table?

It depends on the date and time you are planning to attend, and often times which tent.

Each tent does have a first come, first served section where tables can be grabbed early in the morning. To ensure a full table, the entire group needs to be present. And then you get to wait a few hours before they serve beer. And you are only served beer if you have a seat, otherwise you are just in the way.

From Sunday – Wednesday, you can usually go in the morning and grab a spot. The table is yours as long as you want it to be, but do not plan to be there all day drinking and expect to survive. It’s science.

On the weekends, if you want to grab a GA spot, your group will need to be in the queue when the gates open up. Otherwise, it may be an all day battle to get into ANY tent. Especially opening day and closing night.

Hoping to skip the day and grab a GA evening table? Don’t get your hopes up, especially if you are part of a group. You will almost 100% of the time need a pre arranged Oktoberfest reservation to remain in a tent during the evening. Don’t ruin an international trip by taking this risk.

Oktoberfest beer tent tickets

Can I purchase a full day reservation?

These do not exist, but we are not sure if this would be a good idea anyway. A reservations is for a strict amount of designated time, only valid at a specific tent.

Are there official online resellers?

Yes, a new official portal was launched in 2023. However, you are still responsible for committing to a minimum of 8 to 10 spots.

There are several other sites that list tables for resale illegally, and each year we get calls from someone in Munich who was a victim of a scam. Sites like eBay and Viagogo are invitations to purchase cancelled reservations. Save yourself the headache and avoid this, could be a lot to unravel.

 What are Oktoberfest reservations?

Reservations are basically Oktoberfest tickets. These are set for a specific table at a specific tent at a specific time.

 Are your reservations guaranteed?

Of course! We recognize many people who book a tour with us end up doing so because we’re able to provide guaranteed beer tent reservations. We eliminate the possibility of getting shut out, and help introduce you to other beer enthusiasts.

The most fun part of Oktoberfest is sharing the experience with others. Why else are you going to travel halfway across the world… to drink by yourself? It’s a great thing and it allows you to know you have a spot and enjoy it with others.

How do you get your Oktoberfest reservations?

As we approach 20 years of hosting people at Oktoberfest, we have forged relationships with both the tents and local partners alike.

 Can we pick which tent we attend?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the time of your reservation, nor can we guarantee the specific tent. We will do our best to take your requests into account and try to provide you with what you want. In any case, trust us….don’t stress out about it. Let us take care of the heavy lifting, and you focus on enjoying the party.

 Is there a best tent?

Many people hear about one tent or another, and tend to get tunnel vision in trying to locate a tent reservation. Truthfully there is no best tent. All of the tents have a unique aspect about them but none of them are any better than the others. Locals prefer the lesser known tents while English speaking college kids like the Hofbräuzelt. No matter what tent you are in, you’re going to have the time of your life. Just don’t drink too much and take some pictures so you remember it!

Whether you’re seeking good company, good food, or a quieter atmosphere where you can sit and relax, there are tents that will cater to your needs. At Bucket List Events, we can help you make the right choice.