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Presidential Inauguration
Washington, D.C. . Jan 18-21, 2025

Inauguration Tickets 2025

Some of the Inauguration tickets are either free to attend or relatively inexpensive. However, tickets can be scarce and difficult to obtain. We take the hassle out of obtaining hard-to-get tickets with our available packages. Here are some of the most popular ticket options we have available for you.

2025 Officially Sanctioned (PIC) Presidential Inaugural Balls (President attends)
Prices will be announced once the schedule is set.

Presidential Inaugural Parade
January 20, shortly after the Swearing In Ceremony
Grandstand Seating

Presidential Swearing In Ceremony January 20, 2025, US Capitol Steps (map below)

  • Mall Standing
  • Union Square Standing
  • North, South & West Standing
  • Northwest & Southwest Standing
  • Numbered Seated Sections




While the transfer of power has occurred on every inauguration day, the events surrounding it have grown and changed. These events are the most common.

Morning Worship Service

The tradition of attending a morning worship service on Inauguration Day began with Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933.

Procession to the Capitol

By tradition, the outgoing President accompanies the President-elect to the Capitol for the swearing-in ceremony.

Vice President’s Swearing In Ceremony

Until 1937, the Vice President was sworn into office in the Senate chamber.

President’s Swearing In Ceremony

There have been 56 formal Presidential Inaugural ceremonies, held at over 10 different locations.

Inaugural Address

Since George Washington in 1789, every President has delivered an Inaugural address, ranging from 8,445 words, to just 135.

Departure of Outgoing President

Following the inaugural ceremony on the west front of the U.S. Capitol, the outgoing President and First Lady leave the Capitol to begin their post-presidential lives.

Inaugural Luncheon

Since 1953, the JCCIC has hosted a luncheon at the U.S. Capitol for the new President, Vice President, and guests.

Inaugural Parade

While early parades were mostly military escorts, by 1841, floats, citizens groups, and bands became standard.

Inaugural Ball

The first Inaugural ball in Washington was thrown for James and Dolley Madison in 1809, at Long’s Hotel. There have been as many as 14 balls.

Source: Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies