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San Diego



Trip Length:

4 days/ 3 nights


Call us toll-free at 1-866-343-6133


How to Attend Comic-Con International San Diego

Are you an official Comic-Con badge provider?

We are a 3rd party company not associated with Comic-Con. We connect Comic-Con fans looking to buy and sell unused badges. We are an alternative to taking a gamble with ebay or Craiglist as we’ve helped connect fans buying and selling badges for the last 7 years.

Where do you get your badges?

We are connected to past Comic-Con fans who cannot attend this years event, and help them sell to other fans who did not get the lottery.

Why are these above face value?

We purchase badges above face value ourselves, and so we sell them to other fans at the market rate for second-hand market badges.

When can I pick up my badge?

Since we don’t get badges any sooner than the general public, badge pickup will be the day of the event. We don’t have any special access to get badges earlier than your average attendee.

Where can I pick up my badge?

As the even nears, we set up a convenient location to meet and hand off the badges. We’ll notify you in the weeks leading up to the event.

How to Attend Comic-Con International San Diego

The early bird gets the worm, start planning NOW!

Badges go on sale very early and basically sell out instantaneously. Make sure you register for Comic-Con tickets by getting a Member ID from the Comic-Con organization.

If you were one of the lucky ones to obtain a Comic-Con Badge, then the next step is hotel accommodations and that is a battle in its own.

Already getting exhausted of this charade? Bucket List Events will take care of your Comic-Con entry badge and give you advice on finding accommodations and transportation to make this a stress-free trip for you during your San Diego experience.

No one likes to wait in lines

Comic-Con expects around 200,000 attendees this year, which will be the largest crowd the event has ever seen. Although Bucket List Events may not be able to make the lines disappear we can make sure you avoid the long waits and traffic that can take up much of the day.

Plans, Plans, Plans

Don’t forget that you need to reserve your seats at discussions, panels, and film premiers. Even when it comes to restaurant reservations it can be hard to get a table. Zombie runs, character meet ups, and celebrity showings are all aspects that you will need to plan for. We can make this happen for you! Come meet your heroes and join us at Comic-Con!

Other attractions to see while in town

We know you’re coming for the most ridiculous party in the world. That being said, if you can find the time, San Diego has some really cool attractions. We can book options you short trips to local attractions like SeaWorld or San Diego’s World Famous Zoo and Wild Animal Park. Take a ferry ride from Seaport Village downtown San Diego to Coronado Island for a lunch and drink in the sun.