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Army-Navy Game
Washington, DC . December 12-15, 2024

Army-Navy Traditions

The traditions of the Army-Navy game are what make this rivalry unique across sports. Here are some of our favorite traditions that you will experience at the game:

The “Prisoner” Exchange
Before kickoff, seven cadets and seven midshipmen will march to midfield to be returned to their home academy. These “prisoners” were sent to their rival service academy in the Service Academy Exchange Program, which sends students from each of four service academies (along with West Point and Annapolis, the Air Force Academy and the Coast Guard Academy also participate) for the fall semester. The prestigious, competitive exchange program began in 1975 and has remained the same ever since. Each academy sends seven sophomore students to the other academies. The “Prisoner Exchange” allows the visiting cadets and mids to sit with their team’s fans during the game.

The March On
Before the game begins, the United States Naval Academy Brigade of Midshipmen, followed by the United States Military Academy West Point Corps of Cadets, will march on to the field in formation. 

March On

“Sing Second”
After the game, both teams gather near their bands and sing their respective alma maters. The losing team’s alma mater is sung first, with the winning team standing behind them in a show of respect. When the first alma mater concludes, the winning team runs toward their band for the singing of their alma mater—in celebration of victory. Hence, the goal of the Army-Navy game is simple: “Sing Second!” 

Army-Navy sing second