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Top 13 Places to See in Brazil During the Summer Games

For tourists looking to experience all the beauty Brazil has to offer during the Summer Games, you will want to go far beyond the simple borders of Rio de Janeiro. The entire country is filled to the brim with various terrains, cultures, and delicacies to explore and experience. After all, it would be a shame to limit your cultural experience during your time at one of the most culturally diverse events that happens in human culture.

To help you cut down your choices to a reasonable list, we have put together the top 13 locations for visitors to the 2016 Summer Games to visit in Brazil!

1. The Iguazu Falls

Often described as one of the most beautiful waterfall locations in the world, the Iguazu Falls is a massive series of waterfalls framed against the serene Brazilian landscape. Surrounded by Brazilian rainforests containing tons of exotic creatures, tourists looking for a good hike or adventure between Summer Games Events will feel happily at home at The Iguazu Falls.

 2. Sao Paulo

The biggest city in Brazil, and one of the top 10 biggest in the entire world, Sao Paulo is simply jam-packed with things for excited tourists to get into. Mainly known for its robust cultural scene, the tall buildings, museums, and restaurants of this concrete jungle will be a must visit location for the better-cultured patrons of this year’s Summer Games. For those less concerned with highbrow shenanigans, there are also many beautiful public parks to be visited, and a luscious rain forest just a skip and a hop away from the city.

 3. The Botanical Gardens in Curitiba

Located in Parana, the biggest city in southern Brazil, the city’s Botanical Gardens are some of the most beautiful in the world. Located in a native forest, lights, sculptures and more will dazzle every visitor. Set up and opened to the public in 1991, the Botanical Gardens provide a romantic location for young couples and tourists who have eloped. Surrounding the gardens are many other amazing attractions for you to visit in the amazing city of Parana, so try and make a trip out to this amazing location!

Image by Halley Pacheco de Oliveira

 4. Fortaleza

One of the smaller cities on this list, Fortaleza offers a more restrained version of some of the better-known Brazilian cities like Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. Despite its size, the city attracts many excited tourists every year. Alike many of the other cities on this list, Fortaleza is one of the capitol cities of the many areas of Brazil. In this case, it is the capitol of the Ceara state. With the Praia do Futuro beach, five-star hotels and restaurants, and beautiful fishing villages only a short drive away, Fortaleza is a great place to get away from it all for a few days.

 5. Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum

The only location you won’t have to completely leave Rio de Janeiro to enjoy, the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum is world renowned for its collections and exhibits. With a saucer-shaped structure perfect for a modern art museum, visitors will find themselves filled with awe before their exploration of the museum ever starts. First opened in 1996, the museum truly exhibits the feeling of freshness and excitement that comes with a youthful construction. 

 6. Lencois Maranhenses National Park

If you’ve ever wanted to explore dunes of the richest white sands on Earth, the Lencois Maranhenses National Park is right up your alley. For tourists who happen to find themselves near the park during the yearly swelling of water that happens in the dunes, you can live out a fantasy you’ve seen in adventurous movies your whole life. Although this location will not be suited for visitors looking for easy going, convenient locations to visit in Brazil, it is perfect for those looking for a truly visceral experience.

Image by Vitor_1234

 7. Brasilia

The primary capital of Brazil, Brasilia was established as the center of Brazilian political life in 1960. With one of the most breathtaking central parks in the world, The Three Powers Square, you will definitely want to visit this awesome location. While you’re checking out this beautiful square, you will get a perfect view of the many attractions of the city, including the Presidential Palace. Much newer than the other cities on this list, Brasilia holds the advantage of being on top of the cutting edge of Brazilian culture, and offers a much different and distinct experience than the other older cities on this list.

 8. Recife

Recife is frequently referred to as the “Venice of Brazil,” due to its massive towering buildings, tourist-friendly city life, and its absolutely stunning beaches. Surprisingly enough, the now bustling city of Recife stated out as a small Dutch colony town in the 17th century. Thankfully, many historic areas have been kept in tact in all their traditional beauty. With some of the highest ranked beach locations in Brazil, and tons of world class local cuisine, Recife is excellent for taking a break from the sure to be crowded Rio de Janeiro.

Image by A.Júnior 

 9. Jalapao National Park

Located in the state park of Tocantins, this massive park is filled to the brim with many types of beautiful landscapes to explore. From savannahs, to rivers, to mountain-sized hillsides, any adventurer will be satisfied with this location. With amazing flowers, exotic animals and more, the otherwise barren looking landscape swells with life on a daily basis. If you want to experience Brazilian wildlife without the tediousness of visiting the many rainforests of the country, Jalapao National Park provides the perfect solution.

Image by Filipe gonzaga ferreira

10. Manaus

The capital of the northwestern area of Brazil, Manaus is one of the largest cities available to visit near Rio de Janeiro. With amazing attractions like the Amazonas Opera House and the rivers of Negro and Solimoes, you will be able to enjoy some of the best views and culture Brazil has to offer. Additionally, the northwestern area has much cooler weather to help you escape the blistering heats that are commonplace in Rio de Janeiro.

11. Salvador

The third largest film in Brazil, Salvador is probably one of the few locations on this list most readers have heard of before. A world-renowned location for surfing, swimming and other beach activities, this beautiful city is perfect for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the Summer Games. Additionally, Salvador is the capitol of the Bahia state area of Brazil. If you happen to be around the city during their carnival celebrations, you absolutely must try and find your way to the city to view one of the world’s biggest city-wide celebrations.

12. Olinda

For the most well preserved colonial experiences Brazil has to offer, Olinda is a must visit destination. On top of a beautiful hillside near the coast, the picturesque townscape holds many local secrets you will be eager to explore. Colorful houses, tons of local art, cuisine, and friendly locals await you in this paradise. For an authentic colonial Brazil experience, you should go no further than Olinda.

Image by Prefeitura de Olinda

13. Parati

One of the most tropical locations in the already beautiful Brazilian landscape, Parati is located right near the Emerald Sea. With tropical rainforests, waterfalls, mountains, and more nearby you will get to experience all kinds of awe-inspiring terrains in one convenient location. Another colonial town with beautiful architecture, Parati is one of the most popular tourist locations and had many high-class bed and breakfasts for you to take advantage of between Summer Game events. Finally, you’ll absolutely want to take a hike down the cobbled streets of the town to the heart of its historic district for one of the best historical experiences in Brazil.

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