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San Sebastian, Spain voted the 4th best city in Europe

Industry leader Travel + Leisure magazine has released their annual rankings, and San Sebastian, Spain has been voted the 4th best city in Europe. Located just a hour North of Pamplona, many of our guests take a trip to the beautiful Basque city.

Here is the full list, according to Travel + Leisure

Top 15 Cities in Europe – 2016

No. 15: Lisbon, Portugal

No. 14: Paris, France

No. 13: Madrid, Spain

No. 12: Edinburgh, Scotland

No. 11: Prague, Czech Republic

No. 10: Venice, Italy

No. 9: Istanbul, Turkey

No. 8: Siena, Italy

No. 7: Budapest, Hungary

No. 6: Seville, Spain

No. 5: Kraków, Poland

No. 4: San Sebastián, Spain

No. 3: Rome, Italy

No. 2: Barcelona, Spain

No. 1: Florence, Italy.

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