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Rio Summer Games 2016 Infographic

The 2016 Rio Summer Games are here, with events spread throughout stadiums and venues throughout the whole city. Thousands of athletes from almost every country around the world are competing for eternal glory.

For viewers at home, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the television coverage, let alone understand the map of the city and where all the events are held. We put together this handy infographic to guide you through the games and where they all take place.

After reading this, you’ll be the most knowledgeable person at work!


For those planning on going to the Games, or those just following along at home, this is the first infographic of its kind that maps out the action for you.

Did you know the bulk of the activity will be in Barra, about 45-minutes from the Rio city center? Do you know what stadium the opening games are in? Much this and more in the infographic above.

Let us know your thoughts on the infographic and whether you plan on going to the Summer Games. We’ll be there.

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