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The World’s Most Unique, Must-See Soccer Stadiums

Ranking the World’s Most Unique, Must-See Soccer Stadiums

Last year’s exciting World Cup featured Russia’s biggest and finest soccer stadiums. From the Spartak Stadium in Moscow to the Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi, soccer’s biggest tournament showcased stadiums that would rank high in any of the world’s best sporting venues lists. This list, however, won’t look at the best soccer stadiums in the world. For a change, it will look at the unique ones, whose quirkiness actually makes them must-see venues.

So, without further ado, here are the oddest soccer stadiums in the world:

5. Svangaskarð – Toftir (Faroe Islands)


The isolated Faroe Islands is home to two unique soccer stadiums in the Eidi Stadium and Svangaskarð. The small Eidi Stadium is notable for being located right (as in right) on the coast and at risk from storms, yet it is the other stadium that has captured the world’s attention. The Svangaskarð is one of the must-see soccer stadiums in the world due to its location. Surrounded by mountains and backing on to the sea, the stadium is one of the most beautiful places to watch a soccer match. There are even persistent rumors that anytime a ball is kicked in the ocean, a man in a boat goes and retrieves it. It was also home to the Faroe Islands’ national team from 1991 to 1999 — not bad for a stadium with a sitting capacity of just 6,000.

4. Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium – Gspon, Switzerland


The Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium is Europe’s highest pitch, which isn’t a surprise as it is carved into a mountainside, some 2,000 meters above sea level. Once there, the views up top are picturesque to say the least as some of Switzerland’s snow-capped mountains are within sight. The pitch is made from artificial turf, as grass won’t grow at due to the high altitude. It also has netting on one side to keep the ball from falling down the mountain. The most unique thing about the Ottmar Hitzfeld stadium, though, is that it is so high that transportation to stadium is via a cable car.

3.Estadio Municipal de Braga – Braga, Portugal

Home to S.C. Bragam, this particular stadium is alternatively known as The Quarry, as it is carved directly into the Monte do Castro quarry. The result is two equally breathtaking vistas: on one end, a distinctive rock formation; on the another, it overlooks the city of Braga. Steel rings connect the stands on both sides and provide a metal net. This is to serve as protection from debris possibly falling from the quarry.

2. Igralište Batarija – Trogir, Croatia


The Igralište Batarija is charmingly quirky. On the surface, it looks like an ordinary pitch. But here’s the thing, Paste Magazine reports that it is situated right between two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with the Venetian-built Kamerlengo Castle on one end and the Tower of St. Marco at the other end. Both structures date back to the 15th century. The stadium’s spot in between two historic sites is enough to secure second place in this list.

1. The Float @ Marina Bay – Singapore

Image Credit: FACEBOOK

The Float is exactly as its name suggests: a floating pitch. It is located right in the center of Marina Bay, and was opened in 2007. What’s odd is that the pitch seems to float aimlessly on the bay. Viewed from above, it looks like a stage, with the stands on one side — and a good distance away. No wonder Singapore’s national soccer team opted not to use The Float as their home stadium. Instead, it is mostly use to host concerts and similar events.


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Written by Elizabeth Fraiser

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