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Mount Fuji Day Trip from Tokyo

While the main attraction in Japan in 2020 will be the Summer Games, the local tourist bureau is anticipating a major uptick in visitors to glorious Mount Fuji. Located 60 miles outside of the Japanese capital city Tokyo, Mt. Fuji (Fujisan) is the tallest mountain in the country. Locals have long since considered it the symbol of Japan, as symmetrical snow-capped cone, is something everyone recognizes.

Mount Fuji Day Trip from Tokyo

This dormant volcano is regarded as very sacred and spiritual place and is considered the sacred kami (spirit) in the Shinto religion. Some believe that climbing its towering slopes is an act of pilgrimage. The highest peak reaches 12,389 feet and incorporates 5 lakes, as well as several sacred caves, springs, waterfalls and shrines.

The exploration of the site became popular in the 15th century. Today, hiking up the volcano for sunrise is popular between June and beginning of September.  An estimate of 300,000 people hike up to the top of the mountain every year. Boasting international fame, recent statistics show that 30% of the hikers are foreigners.

Visiting Mount Fuji During the Olympics

First things first: If Tokyo is your place of origin for this trek, be prepared for a long day. But in the end, some of the views of the area around Mount Fuji are completely worth it.

For those of you who are short on time, or are not into the hiking spirit, daily day trips are offered from Tokyo to see the mountain. The day trip can vary anywhere between 12-14 hrs, depending on type of transportation (bus or bullet train) and traffic conditions. As all tours depart first thing in the morning, most of the times traffic is encountered.

Mount Fuji Day Trip from Tokyo

Bucket List Staff making the trek

If you opt for one of the Mount Fuji Day trips, there are several things to take into consideration. In order to fuel yourself for the long day, grabbing breakfast is highly recommended, even if you are not “food first thing in the morning” type of a person. Most trips depart from some of the main train stations in Tokyo, so between 15-30 minutes traveling to the departure point is expected. Once boarded (usually around 8AM) the trip begins. Depending on traffic, reaching to Station 1 might take up to 3-4 hrs. During that time, the buses typically do not stop for coffee or restroom breaks.

Mount Fuji Day Trip from Tokyo

Considering Mount Fuji’s massive stature, you are able to see the mountain the entire journey. Depending on weather conditions, the busses depart towards station 5 for some photo options once at Station 1. As the bus continues its journey, you will come across Fuji Highland, a cute amusement park located at the base of the mountain. This stop offers the best lunch option during your trek before the real sight seeing begins.

Your adventure continues upwards, and the next stop is a beautiful lake which features a boat ride across the surface before hopping on a cable car. Most tour companies try to time this portion of the trip to coincide with the daily sunset, and with views of the Pacific Ocean, local lakes, and other angles of Mount Fuji. Be prepared to take photographs that look like postcards!

Here is a quick video of some of the views the Bucket List Events staff captured during their day trip:

Here are some questions that might arise prior to your Mt. Fuji planning:

Do we get free time to explore on our own ?

As it is a day full of activities, everything is timed, and you will quickly notice that Japanese are very precise when it comes to timing. If you have heard the saying “German efficiency’’, wait until you experience the Japanese equivalent. Every stop is timed between 10 – 20 minutes. There is not much time for freedom and delays, as a delay may affect the following activity

Do the buses have restrooms, wifi? Do they offer beverages or snacks on board?Mount Fuji Day Trip from Tokyo

Buses do not offer restrooms, so consider that prior to departure. You can expect to have 30-60 minutes in between stops for the majority of the day. Wi-Fi is provided on the bus, so you can stay connected and send photos to friends and family back home and make them jealous. Beverages and snacks are not offered on the coach, however, we recommend you bringing some with you : water, nuts, crackers, cookies.

Is the daily itinerary the same?

As it is always weather and traffic dependent, some sights may be skipped or reversed.


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