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The Legendary Cafe Iruna in Pamplona, Spain

Year in and year out, a visit to the legendary Café Iruna is on the list of just about every traveler that comes though our San Fermin program. All it takes is a few steps into the famous cafe, and you will immediately see how the landmark embodies the spirit of Pamplona and its history.

Cafe Iruna Pamplona

The famous white awning in the Plaza del Castillo

Founded in 1888 by Mariano Iruna and his wife, María Larraga, the cafe quickly became a popular meeting place for artists, intellectuals, and other influential figures in the city. Cafe Iruña is also one of the most important historic sites in Spain since it was the the first shop in the city to be lit by electricity.

In the early 20th century, Café Iruna underwent a major renovation, and it was redesigned in the Art Nouveau style by the architect Luis Aladrén. The cafe was enlarged and the decor was completely redesigned, with ornate details and furnishings. Today, it has two rooms, one larger, where the main Cafe is housed, and a smaller one with marble tables, impeccable luminaires, and large mirrors. At this time, the cafe’s menu was also expanded, and it became known for its wide range of coffee, tea, and pastries.

Cafe Iruna Pamplona

Over the years, Café Iruna has remained a popular gathering place in Pamplona and has continued to play a role in the city’s cultural life. It has also become a tourist destination, and many visitors to Pamplona make a point of stopping by the cafe to experience its history and atmosphere. Some of these folks are inspired by Cafe Iruna’s role in Ernest Hemingway’s 1926 novel The Sun Also Rises where the main characters converge at Iruna each day in Pamplona. The American author was a frequent patron during his visits to Pamplona, and there is a corner dedicated to the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Cafe Iruna Pamplona

During the San Fermin festival, Cafe Iruna serves as a standard coffee shop by day, but comes alive at night. The tables are removed, the music is turned up, and the checkered floor becomes one of the biggest clubs in town. It makes for a one-of-a-kind environment, as modern music reverberates off of the intricate belle époque decor adorning the walls. It can be mesmerizing as you celebrate in

Need a break from the slippery dance floor? Step outside and sit on the large patio where you had your morning coffee.

Whether you are coming in the morning, or closing out your day, a trip to Cafe Iruna in Pamplona is a must.

Pl. del Castillo, 44, 31001, Pamplona, Navarra, Spain

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