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The 5 Best Places to Travel in June

If there is a single month on the calendar that we look forward to more than any other, it’s June. June just feels like vacation, and is there any better feeling than that?

School is out. The sun is shining. Wedding season is in full swing. The beach is calling your name. And countless gorgeous destinations around the globe are getting ready to welcome the influx of visitors that the onslaught of summer brings. Brainstorming June vacation ideas is a great way to stay positive and have something to look forward to.

Of course, traveling during peak tourist season has its perks and its downfalls. In fact, June is the 2nd most popular month for Americans to travel, with almost 10 million people traveling. Vacationing in glorious weather when hospitality around the globe is fully-staffed does generally mean higher prices and bigger crowds. But with June offering so many exciting international festivals and events, it’s hard to pass up the smorgasbord of opportunity. But while many of the best places to visit in June may be hot commodities, there are still plenty of lesser-known locales that you should consider for your summer trip.

From the cosmopolitan to the utterly intrepid, here are five of the best places to travel in June:


1. Boi Bumba – Parintins, Brazil

Always wanted to go to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, but hesitant about the massive crowds and tourist traps? Boi Bumba, an amazonian folklore festival that takes place in the Parintins municipality of Brazil, is exactly the answer to your woes. This vibrant festival and immersive experience presents colorful, theatrical tellings of the most important legends of Amazonian lore. The elaborate acts include massive parades with intricate sets, tribal rituals, a giant puppet show, a fairytale battle of good vs. evil, huge displays of folk art, fireworks shows, and an all-night party for attendees. At Boi Bumba, you can expect the same sort of contagious celebratory atmosphere and elaborate, colorful costumes that have made Rio’s Carnival world-famous, but with only a fraction of the tourists. The coastal fisherman town springs to life, with thousands of residents partaking in the performance itself.

paratins brazil best places to travel in june

June may be winter in Brazil, but you’d hardly notice it in this tropical locale. Visitors will be charmed by Partinin’s complete lack of taxicabs in favor of motorbikes and pedal carriages. As an important harbor for Brazil along the Amazon, many of the city’s local restaurants and markets cater to day-long visitors who arrive by boat. That means you’ll have your pick of incredible, freshly caught fish, handmade artisan crafts, and some of the world’s best avocados.

parintins best places to travel in june


2. Beijing, China

With a metropolitan population of nearly 25 million, China’s capital city may not seem like the place to go if you want to beat the crowds. But for international tourists, Beijing is actually one of the best places to travel in June. Chinese students are still in school, and not a single national holiday falls during this month. This means, while the locals are hard at work, saving up their vacation days for July or August, you can leisurely explore famous sites like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tianamen Square, and the Temple of Heaven. Plus, Beijing’s June weather is warm but not sweltering, making the pervasive lack of air conditioning throughout the city tolerable.

best places to travel in june beijing

Beijing offers an incredible urban experience distinct from western metropoles, one filled with stark contrasts: wealth and poverty, ancient and high-tech, communism and capitalism, cosmopolitan and provincial, city and nature. With national forests and breath-taking mountain ranges just a few hours outside of the bustling city, Beijing offers a bit of everything and is an ideal place to visit in June.

june vacation ideas beijing


3. The French Open – Paris, France

Starting in late May and ending during the second week of June, the French Open is a fabulous opportunity to see the world’s most romantic sport in the world’s most romantic city. The French Open may be notorious for being the most physically grueling of all of the Grand Slam Tournaments, but it is also the most fashionable which makes for some awesome people watching. With no dresscode (a la Wimbledon), athletes at the French Open are sporting trend setting styles. Spectators too, tend to dress well for the event, and the stadiums will be filled with iconic Panama hats.

Panama Hats French Open Tips

Panama Hats are the unofficial uniform for spectators at the French Open.

But beyond the edge-of-your-seat action that the tournament provides, the dreamy Parisian backdrop makes for an incredible place to travel in June. If you are hoping for your June vacation to include wine, cheese, cathedrals, museums, shopping, and freshly-baked croissants – there is no better setting than Paris. But it’s not just the international appeal of the French Open that makes June in Paris so magical. There are plenty of local favorites happening in June, like Paris’s Gay Pride parade, one of the world’s most enthusiastic, and the Fête de la Musique, which celebrates the summer solstice with free concerts and street music all over the city.

best places to travel in june paris


4. Etosha National Park, Namibia

June marks the beginning of the dry season in the Namib desert, the time when wildlife viewing in the incredible Etosha National Park is at its best. June is the ideal month for a safari adventure, with sunny but cool temperatures, brilliant nighttime stargazing, and wildlife concentrating along the park’s watering holes. The low grass during this season will make it easy to spot the animals: lions, giraffes, elephants, springboks, gemsboks, zebras, hyenas, rhinos, and many more. While much of neighboring South Africa will be cold and drizzly during June, the air in Namibia is cool, crisp, and perfect for a safari adventure.

best places to visit in june namibia

If your idea of a June vacation involves getting away from it all, Etosha is truly one of the best places to visit in June. This 8,600 square mile park is distinct from many other African game parks. Not only is it gigantic, but it feels much more remote and untouched. For one thing, you are almost guaranteed to spot animals, who roam freely across the vast desert landscape. Secondly, the animals truly rule this roost. Humans are not permitted to leave their vehicles unless in designated camping or viewing areas, and are forbidden from other activities like blasting music, which can frighten the wildlife. To see the full diversity of plants in animals in this gigantic park, rent a car or hire a safari guide. Accommodations are plentiful, and range from luxe bungalows to camping sites.

best places to travel in june etosha

5. International Istanbul Music Festival – Istanbul, Turkey

To hear some of the most hauntingly beautiful music of your life, head to Istanbul, Turkey during the beginning of June. The three-week long International Istanbul Music Festival is one of the ancient, colorful city’s most prestigious events, hosting hundreds of classical music and opera performances throughout Istanbul’s many mosques, cathedrals, and amphitheaters. As you can imagine, the acoustics are simply incredible.

best places to visit in june istanbul


But it is not only your sense of sound that will be delighted by a June vacation to Istanbul. The city is gloriously warm and sunny in June, and its location between two temperate seas will give you plenty of coastline where you can swim in warm, blue waters. Istanbul is progressive and cosmopolitan, with bustling music and art scenes, incredible restaurants, and even an ancient wine tradition that its locals have all but forgotten. Istanbul is a favorite vacation destination for much of Western Europe, but June is ahead of the tourist season as school is still in session for most of the continent. Come to Istanbul for the music, stay for vibrant culture and incredible weather. As soon as you step foot into this ancient and fascinating city, you’ll know why it ranks among the best places to travel in June.

best places to travel in june istanbul

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