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The 6 Best Places to Travel in November

Need a vacation before the stress of the holidays sets in? Seize this November as your time to get away from mundane. With some of the most incredible and unique festivals in the world happening during November, the time is ripe for travelers. Whether you’re looking to maximize your Thanksgiving days-off, dreaming of sun and warmth, or ready to hit the slopes after the first snowfall of the year, check out these six ideal November destinations:


1. Yi Peng Lantern Festival – Chiang Mai, Thailand

best places to visit in november

Also known as the Festival of Lights, Yi Peng is among the most iconic and photogenic festivals in the world. Unique to Northern Thailand, Yi Peng is a festival in celebration of the last full moon of the Thai lunar calendar (usually falling in November). It also marks the passing of the monsoon season, making way for the coolest season of the year to begin.

Though multiple cities in the northern region of Thailand celebrate this festival, Chiang Mai is undoubtedly the center of the action. Before the festival begins, the city is adorned with flower wreathes and decorations, especially in its many Buddhist temples. Attending the Festival of Lights is exactly as ethereal as it sounds. After the sun sets, you will see thousands of paper lanterns float away into the night sky. During the festival, all of Chiang Mai smells of fragrant incense.

Four central monuments in the city are the main sites for releasing lanterns: the Old Town Moat, Three Kings Monument, Thapae Gate, and the Ping River banks. You can purchase lanterns from one of many street vendors, and if you wish, write a wish on the paper before setting it free.

where to travel in november

The Three Kings Monument in Chiang Mai, Thailand, one of the main meeting points for launching lanterns during Yi Peng.

But it isn’t just the Lantern Festival that makes Chiang Mai one of the best places to travel in November. With only four days of rain the whole month and temperatures hovering around the low 80s, Chiang Mai’s November weather is pretty much ideal. And as Thailand’s 4th largest cities, there is simply no shortage of things to do in Chiang Mai. With more than 300 Buddhist temples, proximity to Thailand’s highest mountains, a bustling nightlife, and vivacious street markets, Chiang Mai is a favorite destination for more than 7.4 million tourists every year.

best places to travel in november



2. Pushkar Camel Fair – Pushkar, India

World travelers may have the opportunity to see many unforgettable sights in their lifetime, but there is nothing quite like seeing 30,000 camels adorned in brightly-colored tassels together all at once in a small desert city.

Where to travel in november

Photo by Piyush Tank on Flickr.

But these aren’t just any camels. For nearly a week during November, locals in the Thar desert town of Pushkar shave and dress up their best camels to compete in livestock contests, beauty competitions, and performances. Part of the holy Kartik Purnima festival, the Pushkar Camel Festival is held in celebration of the full moon. Though this was once an important day for trading livestock, it has now become much more of a festival and spectacle. If you never thought of camels as beautiful animals before, the Pushkar Camel Festival may just change your mind.

best places to visit in november

During the Camel Fair, you can expect plenty of programming beyond camel beauty pageants to keep you entertained. Traditional dancers and crafts people, snake charmers and fortune tellers, bakers and artisans – the people of the region are out and about partaking in the merriment. There is even an annual mustache growing contest. Furthermore, the small town of Pushkar is a beautiful and historic place, an ancient site for Sikh and Hindu pilgrims that is considered sacred. Located on the Pushkar Lake, many of the temples feature Ghats, or steps down to the shore, which pilgrims use to bath in the holy waters.

best places to travel in november

Photo by Andrey Stekachev on Flickr



3. Räbechilbi Turnip Festival – Richterswil, Switzerland

If you are one of the few people on the planet who can honestly say that turnips are your favorite food, boy do we have a festival for you. But even if you aren’t particularly excited about this unpopular root vegetable, the Räbechilbi Turnip Festival in this small town outside Zurich is something you need to see to believe. After seeing the incredible works of art that the Swiss carve from turnips, you’ll wonder why Americans insist on carving pumpkins for Halloween.

best places to travel in november

On the night of the 2nd Saturday every November, the German-speaking town of Richterswil hosts a parade that features more than 30 tons of turnips carved into lanterns. The dramatic floats glow an eerie orange and range from hauntingly beautiful to bold and wacky. A favorite annual festival, the town comes to life on this evening with plenty of street vendors, mulled wine, and fresh sausage to be enjoyed.

best places to travel in november

Photo by Hellebardius on Flickr

But the parade itself isn’t the only place you can see elaborate turnip lanterns in Richterswil. The residents also get into the spirit and decorate their homes, with many neighborhoods making something of a competition out of it – think Halloween or Christmas decorations in the States.

best places to travel in november

Located on the banks of Lake Zurich, Richterswil is only a 30 minute drive from the gorgeous and cosmopolitan Zurich. And with nearly 300 ski resorts within a three-hour drive from Zurich, this region offers the ultimate winter paradise for those hoping to catch the first snow of the season. Combining a cutesy vegetable festival, a glamorous big city, and the powdery Swiss Alps, it’s easy to see why Zurich and Richterswil make for some of the best places to visit in November.


4. Doha, Qatar

If you are looking a for a hit of sun and wide open spaces before you retreat into hibernation for winter, Qatar’s capital city of Doha may be exactly what you are looking for.

doha harbour

The tiny country of Qatar has a population of just 2.6 million and a geographical area smaller than that of the U.S. state of Connecticut. But despite its small size, Qatar has a ton of money, a booming industry for luxury goods and services, and a ton of things to see and do. More than half of the country’s population lives in the capital city of Doha, leaving the rest of the country wide open and sparsely populated. But Qatar isn’t just Doha and desert. Being located on a peninsula, Qatar has over 350 miles of continuous coastline in the middle of the warm waters of the Persian gulf.

best places to travel in november

A November vacation in Doha has all the fixings for fun in the sun. There is the ultra modern: brightly lit sky-scrapers and man-made islands. The ancient: forts and ruins dating back nearly a thousand years and museums filled with ancient Islamic artifacts. The big city vibes: artisan markets, world-class dining and entertainment, cutting edge stadiums in preparation for the 2022 World Cup. The untouched nature: endless dunes to offroad on and the blissfully warm waters of the Persian gulf. With November temperatures hovering around 80 degrees and the desert sun shining just right, Doha is an excellent place get a tan that will last you through the winter.

qatar world cup



5. Día de Muertos – Mexico City, Mexico

The Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico as way to remember deceased friends, relatives, and ancestors. Famous for the colorfully haunting and elaborate costumes and make-up, this holiday makes for one of the most visually striking times to visit the Mexican capital.

best places to travel in november

Celebrated each year from October 31 to November 2, the Day of the Dead honors those who have passed with private and public altars built from colorfully painted skeletons, flowers and plants, and the favorite foods and possessions of the departed. During these three days, cemeteries and churches are packed with people praying to their loved ones who have passed. The distinctive and colorful artwork for which the festival is known can be found on every corner of the bustling metropolis.

november vacation ideas

While the Day of the Dead in Mexico City didn’t always feature an elaborate parade, the James Bond film Spectre generated enough interest in the event that it has become an official part of the celebrations. For some of the most striking and creepy costuming and performance you will ever see, there is no better place to be than downtown Mexico City in early November.

Come to Mexico City in November for the celebrations and warm weather, but stay for the incredible food, tequila, culture, nightlife, architecture, and music. Mexico City is a veritable paradise for the senses. From the fragrant street food to the lethally delicious liquors to the rich history and culture, the Mexican capital is a must-see destination for travelers everywhere.

best places to travel in november


6. Seoul, South Korea

While most of Europe and North America gets seriously chilly come November, South Korea’s booming capital boasts the best of both autumn-worlds: mild, mid-70s temperatures and a rich canvas of colorful fall foliage. In fact, best of both worlds is a fabulous phrase to sum up Seoul in general: a bustling cityscape but with plenty of hiking and a close proximity to nature; exotic appeal but with a globalized feel; super modern skyscrapers but also ancient temples and neighborhoods.

seoul november vacation ideas

Photo by Dani Oliver

Seoul’s popularity as a travel destination has sky-rocketed in the past few years. Less hectic and less expensive than Tokyo, more friendly to westerners than Shanghai, and more dressed-up and safer than Bangkok, it’s no wonder that Seoul has become such a hotspot. With world-class shopping, mouthwatering food, a til-sunrise nightlife scene, street art on every corner, a booming popular culture with a rich ancient history to boot, there is simply no shortage of things to do in Seoul.

seoul best places to travel in november

Photo by Dani Oliver

November is truly the best time to experience Seoul – while the weather is still warm, the leaves are all turning, and the tourists have long since left for the season.


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