Host: Christian and Michael F. Schottenhamel Capacity: 6,288 Brewery: Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu Founded: 1886 Unique Traits: There’s no Wiesn without the Schottenhamel-Festhalle, because this is where Oktoberfest is officially opened every year with a tap. At noon on the first day of Wiesn, the mayor of Munich taps the first barrel of beer with as few strokes as possible. “It’s tapped! To a peaceful Wiesn!” Only then may the other tents start pouring. Why does the tapping taking place at the Schottenhamel? Because it’s where the event was “officially” was tapped for the first time in 1950, by Thomas Wimmer, the mayor at the time. Legend has it that he was in quite a hurry because he had to open a mass at Theresienhöhe shortly before noon, that it was raining buckets, and he simply took the shortest route into a tent: that tent was the Schottenhamel. Whether it really happened that way is hard to say. Information taken from


Host: Siegfried and Sabine Able and family Capacity: 3,200 Brewery: Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu Founded: 1886 Unique Traits: The colorful Art Nouveau façade gives a preview of the stylish interior of the marquee. Inside, a mixture of Bavarian coziness and exuberant atmosphere awaits you, with Spaten and Franziskaner beer being served. During the day, families get their money’s worth. You can relax with good music and a menu that makes your mouth water. Only in the evening can you experience the exuberant party atmosphere here. Experience has shown that the big bar at the back of the balcony is the most crowded. Information taken from


Host: Eduard Reinbold and Familie Capacity: 4,923 Brewery: Löwenbräu Founded: 1926 Unique Traits: It stands out, the ultra-cozy Schützen-Festzelt by the host couple Reinbold. It sits somewhat away from the Wirtsbudenstraße, offering a circulating interior gallery and above all this well-known, splendid south-sided balcony. It’s considered the most beautiful of the whole Wiesn – after all, it allows views of the Ferris wheel, the Bavaria, the sunset, and the cheerful hustle and bustle of the folk festival. Every year, the Bavarian Sports Shooting Federation organizes its traditional Oktoberfest shoot here, which guests can follow. Information taken from


Host: Manfred and Thomas Vollmer Capacity: 6,000 Brewery: Augustiner Bräu Wagner KG Founded: 1898 Unique Traits: Family-friendly tent with a good atmosphere and extra attentive service - the host makes sure of it. The good Augustiner from the wooden barrel tastes even better here. The popular Augustiner beer comes from the “hirsche,” traditional wooden barrels with a capacity of 200 liters.  The attendees are almost all local Munich residents and other Germans. Information taken from


Host: Familie Peter Inselkammer Capacity: 5,820 Brewery: Paulaner Founded: 1895 Unique Traits: The German Crossbow Championships have been held in the Armbrustschützen tent since 1935. However, this won’t be evident to normal guests, as the championships take place in a tent extension that accommodates the 30-meter-long shooting ranges. The Armbrustschützen tent also emphasizes Bavarian tradition: Traditional costume groups like Schuhplattlers or whipcrackers perform every Wednesday at noon. The attendees are almost all local Munich residents and other Germans. Information taken from


Host: Christl and Toni Roiderer Capacity: 6,838 Brewery: Hacker-Pschorr Bräu GmbH Founded: Rebuilt in 2016 Unique Traits: The massive wooden beams of the roof construction in the Hacker Festzelt are ingeniously clad with light blue fabric. In contrast to other tents, where the fabric panels swallow a lot of light, here you actually get the feeling you’re sitting under an open blue sky with white, fleecy clouds. This special atmosphere is one of a kind - it’s probably why the “Hacker” is usually already crowded in the early afternoon. Information taken from


Host: Anneliese Haberl and Antje Schneider Capacity: 5,900 Brewery: Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu Founded: 1881 Unique Traits: For many years, the Ochsenbraterei has been a magnet for visitors who like it hearty and don’t have the traditional “roast chicken” in mind. According to their own statement, the world’s best oxen are processed here, without exception after a happy life. As a nice gesture and out of respect for the animals, the names and weights of all the oxen are immortalized on boards. Whether you introduce yourself by name to the dish you order is up to you... Information taken from


Host: Margot and Günter Steinberg Capacity: 6,017 Brewery: Hofbräu München Founded: 1952 Unique Traits: The Hofbräu-Festzelt isn’t just the largest festival hall on the Wiesn, it’s also the only tent with an area directly in front of the music platform where people can stand (and dance). It offers space for roughly 1,000 Oktoberfest visitors. For them and all other guests, several wreaths made of 12 hundredweight hop vines from the Holledau region are placed under the roof every year. The angel Aloisius - known from the satire “Ein Münchner im Himmel” (A Munich Man in Heaven) by Ludwig Thoma - is having enjoying himself between the wonderful hops. Angel Aloisius in the Hofbräuhaus is deep in his cups, instead of fulfilling his mission to deliver divine advice to the Bavarian state government. Information taken from


Host: Michael and Clarissa Käfer Capacity: 1,383 Brewery: Paulaner Founded: 1972 Unique Traits: In the Käfer tent, as the Käfer Wiesn-Schänke is popularly known, visitors to the Wiesn don’t celebrate in a classic festival tent, but in a genuine Bavarian log cabin. It offers its guests an idyllic atmosphere in the style of a farm in the Alps. Rustic, cozy, as if in a ski lodge, decorated with elaborate flower arrangements and genuine antiques. And the party goes on longer than the usual closing time: In the Käfer tent, you can party until half past twelve in the morning with beer (or champagne). Information taken from


Host: Steffi Spendler Capacity: 5,700 Brewery: Lowenbrau Founded: 1910 Unique Traits: It’s hard to miss this tent, visually or acoustically – thanks to its impressive four-and-a-half-meter lion, which has been watching over the entrance since 1949 and loudly roars, “Löööwenbräu” every minute. Children especially, who enjoy the beer tents more from the outside, love the lion — and are a bit afraid of him. The Löwenbräu-Festzelt, with its 37-meter-tall lion’s tower (which catches the eye from afar), is also a real eye-catcher in other respects. In keeping with its mascot and the blue and white tent, regular visitors to the Löwenbräu-Festzelt include the fans and players of soccer club TSV 1860 München — once a lion, always a lion! Information taken from


Host: Roland, Doris and Stephan Kuffler Capacity: 1,920 Brewery: Paulaner Founded: 1885 Unique Traits: On the Wiesn, it doesn’t always have to be beer. The Weinzelt offers is a large selection of wines, sparkling wine, and champagne. And thanks to the rustic wood paneling, visitors feel like they’re in a Franconian vineyard. Here you can sit on comfortable corner benches in cozy wooden boxes. That way you can celebrate into the night with live music, while most other tents are already closed. Information taken from


Host: Johann and Silvia Stadtmüller Capacity:  3,162 Brewery: Augustiner Bräu Founded: 1904 Unique Traits: The traditional Steckerlfisch “fish on a stick” is the Oktoberfest highlight of the famous Fischer-Vroni. The specialties are prepared in front of the Wiesn guests on an open grill with a total length of around 15 meters. And there’s Augustiner beer from wooden barrels. An insider tip: Visit on the second Wiesn Monday. It’s when the Fischer-Vroni is bursting at the seams, as the Bavarian LGBTQ scene mixes with the otherwise rather familiar Fischer-Vroni audience. It gets difficult to get another seat without a table reservation. Every year, one of the best party days on the Wiesn. Information taken from