Comic-Con Single Day Badge

 The Comic-Con single-day badge allows you to customize your Comic-Con 2023 experience according to your own plans. As opposed to our 4-day badge, this single day Comic-Con San Diego 2023 ticket is good for those who only want to come on certain days. Price varies depending on the day, so choose your day below.
Picking Up the Badge
One important thing to know is that these badges are not available ahead of time. Every Comic-Con attendee must pick up their badges the day of the event, so we have no way of getting it to you sooner. We will meet you the day of the event to hand over your single day or 4-day Comic-Con badge.
To summarize, this is what is included:
  • Single day badge depending on the day you choose
  • To purchase multiple days, add the separate days to the cart separately
  • Badge available day of event in San Diego

We’ve sold hundreds of badges to attendees over the years by connecting the most dedicated fans to other fans. We are not an official ticket outlet for Comic-Con, we are a secondary market provider. 

Reviews (1)

Ashley Howerton

Once again the team absolutely delivered an unforgettable experience. This is the second time we used this organization and they continue to impress.

Ashley Howerton, travelled in 2018

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