2020 Running of the Bulls – Opening Ceremonies

2018 Running of the Bulls Packages Opening Ceremony

Running of the Bulls Opening Ceremonies

July 5, 6, 7, 2020 (Sunday – Wednesday) 

The secret is out about this one-of-a-kind celebration. That means, hotel rooms are scarce. But lucky for you, we’ve got ’em.

If you’ve done your research about the San Fermin, you’ve likely read a good bit about the boisterous opening ceremonies known as the “Chupinazo.” If you’re looking at this page, you obviously like what you’ve read.

2020 Running of the Bulls Opening Ceremony

Some of our 2016 guests taking in the opening celebration

In terms of a party, it may be hard to top the opening day of the San Fermin festival, known as the Chupinazo. Simply put, the opening 36 hours is a sight to see, full of sangria, waterfalls, music, and excitement. The city of Pamplona goes from a quiet town in the Northeast corner of Spain on July 5th, to a boisterous celebration full of century old traditions on July 6th. Representatives from all over the world gather in the Old Town part of Pamplona, ready to partake in the celebration.

At the strike of noon, thousands of eyes turn to the Plaza Ayuntamiento in front of Town Hall as the Mayor of Pamplona and other officials  step out onto a balcony, summoning an explosion of excitement.

The words “Pamploneses, Pamplonesas, Viva San Fermín! Gora San Fermín!” fills the air, and just like that, the wait is over. A rocket is lit and fired off into the sky above Pamplona, and absolute chaos ensues. Bottles of champagne and gallons of sangria are tossed into the air, and the world’s biggest party is underway!

2020 Running of the Bulls Opening Ceremony

BLE guests standing out in the crowd in 2017

What is the difference between the opening day of the San Fermin Festival vs. other days?

Simply put, there is only one Chupianazo, and once you experience it, you will completely understand. No matter what day of the week July 6th falls upon, the Chupianazo will always be by far the most popular time of the San Fermin festival. With that in mind, this is also the most requested portion of the festival by our guests, so availability will always be limited during the opening days.

The San Fermin is an absolute blast each and every day, but only July 6th can boast this one of a kind party. Come join us and take in the fun in the streets and from up above!

2020 Opening Ceremonies Package Details

Sunday, July 5th – Wednesday, July 8, 2020

  • 3 Nights hotel stay at our Four Star property in Pamplona
  • Daily breakfast at hotel
  • Morning on one of our premier balconies (July 7 or July 8)
  • Chupinazo Open House (July 6)
  • Walking tour of Running of the Bulls Course (July 5)
  • 2 opportunities to run with the bulls (July 7 & 8)
  • Tapas Happy Hour (July 5)
  • Night at the Bull Fights (July 7)
  • Authentic Iruna Dinner (July 6)
  • Traditional San Fermin red scarf and bandana
  • 2020 Running of the Bulls T-Shirt

$2,095 USD per person, based on double occupancy

$2,695 USD per person, based on single occupancy


To reserve your spot for these dates in 2020:

You can book online at the top of this page, or call our office directly at 512-377-1694. We require an initial deposit per person, and can set up interest free monthly installments from there. For more details or any questions you may have about the San Fermin Festival, just give us a ring!

Why is the opening of the festival more expensive?

Since there are significantly more people in Pamplona for the opening dates, hotel rooms are in much higher demand. In turn, they are offered at much higher rates to match the demand.

We promise to put you in the middle of the action from start to finish, and offer our clients a private bird’s eye view of all of the chaos below.

There may be 8 mornings of the Running of the Bulls, but there is only one Chupinazo.

2020 Running of the Bulls Opening Ceremony

Some of our 2018 crew on opening day


Reviews (12)

Christopher Gieser

Thank you all for such a great experience. And for my first trip overseas, I felt I picked the right group of people to guide me.

Christopher Gieser, travelled in 2018
Rose Acosta

My husband and I ran with the bulls on 7/8/18 and we could not have done it without Toby and his team! Toby is such a cool guy! Very knowledgeable and very easy to be with! They really went above and beyond to give us a once in a lifetime experience! Totally worth every penny we paid for! I HIGHLY recommend Toby and his team for unforgettable once in a lifetime experience!

Rose Acosta, travelled in 2018
Brendan Hastings

Toby & co. put together an incredible Pamplona experience for a large group of us. Can’t recommend them enough.

Brendan Hastings, travelled in 2018
Chris Johnston

Awesome time in Pamplona with an amazing team from Bucket List. We highly recommend Toby and his team.

Chris Johnston, travelled in 2018
Simone Mamo

A HUGE thank you to Toby & Rich (& all the ladies) from bucket list events... these guys made our run with the bulls experience run so very smoothly..you guys went above & beyond to provide an AWESOME experience.. we had such a blast along the way..meeting beautiful people who loved life . it was a blast meeting you all!!... ???‍♂️?‍♀️??????

Simone Mamo, travelled in 2018
Amy G. & Jeremy F.

Showed great interest in what they were doing & a very fun, personable group! Definitely helped ease the stress of possible goring hahaha! Did take their advice, ran with it & survived ?Definitely plan on doing Pamplona again! Thanks for a great time Toby & team!

Amy G. & Jeremy F., travelled in 2018
Brian Bates

After careful research I chose this group to take 14 of my friends to Pamplona to experience the Running if the Bulls!! Throughout the process Toby was there to answer any and all questions I had for my group. Once we arrived everything was organized and communicated well and had an amazing experience from start to finish! If you are looking for a tour group to use I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company and it’s employees!! Thanks again for such a great trip for me and my friends!!!

Brian Bates, travelled in 2018
Maddox Lamme

Joining Bucket List Events in Pamplona for the San Fermin festival was hands down the best experience I could have ever imagined and then some!!! Toby and all of his team exhibited the highest level of hospitality while showing all of us how to fully embrace the amazing culture in this city and during the festival. I would 1000% recommend anyone planning their travels to Pamplona to reach out to Toby with Bucket List. It will be an adventure you will never forget!!! ¡Viva San Fermin!

Maddox Lamme, travelled in 2018
Denny Correll

Not usually one for organized tour types of things I went against my nature and reached out to Toby for one of the stops on a trip I was taking with my son for his graduation. The main event of the trip was Pamplona and the run. This turned out to be a great decision as the convenience and knowledge that came with Toby and the rest of the team at BucketList Events made the trip all that much better. I can not recommend this event and this team enough. Thanks for your attention and making this a great lifetime memory.

Denny Correll, travelled in 2018
Pete Rzeminski

The event of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain has been on my Bucket List, since I was stationed in Sarajevo, Bosnia back in 1998. Due to timing problems, I never made it to the event.

Then I found BuckListEvents com on line, and after doing some research, I signed up with them. What a great decision on my part. Toby Akins, and his great team organized the whole experience for me (and the others who signed up).

I have to admit that I was apprehensive about getting down on the street and actual running with live bulls. Here is how Toby arranges the experience. I arrived at the hotel in the morning, and I had until 3pm to walk around and sight see Pamplona. At 3pm, I was met in the hotel lobby by the guides (who warmly introduced themselves to me), and given my packet (including my cool Run with the Bulls t-shirt). At 6am the next morning, we walked to an apartment overlooking the street where the bulls ran each morning. So, I got to see from above what the actual run looked like. There were other guests in the apartment, who had been there before the previous morning. Today, they were running. Today, I was observing. After the run, some of the runners came back up, and we were able to discuss their experiences, and I picked up some tips.

That afternoon, Toby, and some of the guides took us on the walk of the entire run that had been held each morning. I got to view what it looked like from the street view.

The next morning, we were again escorted back to the apartment, and at 7:50am, I walked down the stairs from the apartment, and out unto the road.

The rocket sounded at 8:00, and a wall of runners started coming down from the direction of the bulls. I started running, whooping it up with the other runners. Soon the bulls were running past, and then they disappeared towards the bull arena. It is a fast experience.

What a rush. Toby and his team make all the arrangements, and we just have to show up to-participate and enjoy. It is a truly professional and well-coordinated endeavor. The entire experience exceeded my expectations. Thank you Toby and Kasey, Kelly, Thecla, LeRae, Fatima and Adrienne for making our trip to Pamplona one worthy of going into the record books.

Pete Rzeminski, travelled in 2018
Ashley Howerton

Once again Toby and his team absolutely delivered an unforgettable experience. This is the second time we have used this organization and they continue to impress. My friends and I had the pleasure of experiencing the Running of the Bulls festival with Bucket List Events this year and I would easily do it again.

The festival itself is such an amazing time, with the whole town constantly buzzing with high energy and good times. If anyone is thinking of going, please go-go as soon as you can, and when you do use Bucket List Events. They had access to some of the best viewing points of the bull runs and arranged the most fun activities in the evenings.

Besides the festival what made this trip an amazing time was the relentless attention to detail and service provided by Toby and his staff. They are all friendly and helpful and they make you feel like you're on vacation with old friends. They make themselves available day or night and they go above and beyond any expectations you might have. In addition to Toby- who is fantastic, we spent a lot of time with Casey, Kelly, and Techla. Words can't justify how much fun we had with these ladies, what a great crew. Fatima, Adrien, and LaRae are also so friendly and helpful to any and everything you need.

I could go on all day about what a great time with had with everyone, so if you have a chance to have a Bucket List Events experience-take it.

Thanks again Toby and the crew!

Ashley Howerton, travelled in 2018
Kristi Rae Landers Wright

The Pamplona Bucket List Event experience was fantastic from start to finish. Starting months before Toby sent information and guides to help you plan, prepare, and of the history of the San Fermin Festival.

The hotel in Pamplona was very comfortable and the away from the craziness going on in the Plaza. We were greeted immediately by friendly enthusiastic people. Our schedule was perfect allowing plenty of free time. The staff was awesome!!! They even found out where we could buy a replacement suitcase for our son as well as bringing him ice packs after he had a “run in” with a bull after his second run that week.

Even though we booked the midweek experience for Pamplona there were people who only had a day or two weaving in and out throughout the week. I was impressed with how Bucket List Event’s was able accommodate them and to give them a full experience.

Toby, you are awesome! We loved your humor and wealth of information, some even useful. :-p Thank you and Kasey, Kelly, Thecla, LeRae, Fatima and Adrienne for making our trip to Pamplona one worthy of going into the record books.

Kristi Rae Landers Wright, travelled in 2018

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