2019 Pamplona Quick Trip Package (2 Nights)

Estafeta Balcony

Quick Trip Packages


The bottom line is that we want to share the legendary San Fermin festival with any many people as possible. With that in mind, we have created an option that will work with any dates and should meet most budgets.

The “Quick Trip Package” is comprised of our most basic arrangements, and is ideal for the following type of Pamplona traveller:

  • Only wants to watch of run with the bulls
  • Strict trip budget
  • Just passing through town

With this package there are no bells and whistles, just the necessities that will set you up for a once in a lifetime experience in the streets of Pamplona.

Bottom line: We help you experience the Running of the Bulls the way you want!

Running of the Bulls Package

Quick Trip Package:

 Cheap Running of the Bulls Package

  • 4 Star Hotel accommodations (2 night minimum required)
  • Buffet breakfast at hotel each morning
  • Walking tour of the Running of the Bulls with experienced Runners
  • Traditional San Fermin red scarf and bandana
  • At least 2 opportunities to run with the Bulls
  • Balcony viewing one morning (Included)
  • 2019 Running of the Bulls T-Shirt

Pricing for 2019:

July 5-7, 2019 – $895 USD per person, based on double occupancy SOLD OUT

July 6-8, 2019 – $745 USD per person, based on double occupancy SOLD OUT

July 8-10, 2019 – $745 USD per person, based on double occupancy SOLD OUT

July 9-11, 2019 – $745 USD per person, based on double occupancy SOLD OUT

July 10-12, 2019 – $595 USD per person, based on double occupancy SOLD OUT

July 11-13, 2019 – $595 USD per person, based on double occupancy SOLD OUT

July 12-14, 2019 – $595 USD per person, based on double occupancy

July 13-15, 2019 – $495 USD per person, based on double occupancy


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You can set up a payment plan here ($200 USD deposit per person), or reserve online in the orange box on the right side of this page.


Looking to extend this package by a day or two? Just give us a call at 512-377-1694

Let our experienced staff help with the often complicated planning process, and let’s check the bull run in Pamplona off your bucket list!

 Cheap Running of the Bulls Package

Frequently Asked Questions

“Do you register me to participate to Run with the Bulls?”
If it were required, we would gladly do that for you…but it is no necessary. In order to run with the bulls, you simply need to be in the streets by 7:45 AM. However, with this package, we will invite you to hang out in our headquarters on Estafeta instead of nervously standing in the streets with thousands of other runners.

 Cheap Running of the Bulls Package

“I like this package, but do not want to run with the bulls. Is that possible?”


Of course. No one has to run with the bulls, but if you plan to watch from our balcony, we need to know ahead of time since we are limited on viewing spots.

“What if I plan to watch, but my friend plans to run?”
This is our most common scenario. When booking this package, each person booking gets one morning to watch from the balcony. If one or more members of your party elects to run instead of watching from the balcony, another member of the group can use their balcony spot. I.e. Guest A plans to run twice while Guest B wants to watch twice. Guest B can use Guest A’s unused balcony morning. Please note that this must be scheduled at the time of booking.

“Which hotel is included in this package?”
Here is the full information about our package hotel.

“Can we add on nights to this package?”
Yes, based on availability.

“Why is the first half of the festival expensive than the second half?”
The most attended days of the San Fermin are the the opening ceremony (July 6) and the following few days. Hotel rooms are in high demand, so the local hotels price the rooms accordingly.

 “What do you recommend for planning my bull run?”
We highly recommend you watch the run at least once from a balcony before participating, as well as taking a tour of the course. Our staff knows all 826 meters of the course, and we are here to make sure your run is one that is not only the thrill of the lifetime, but a safe one! We’ll tell you everything we know beforehand, and then have a beer with you after you’re done!

“Will somebody be able to take pictures of me running?”
There are independent, professional photographers that take thousands of shot each morning and display them for purchase by that afternoon in the Plaza del Castillo. There are some companies that offer an on-site professional photographer for a large fee. We do not claim to be professionals, but if you start the run around our balcony, give us a heads up at we’ll be sure to capture your special day free of charge.

“Does this include bull fight tickets?”
No, but those can be purchased separately.

Come see what sets us apart from other travel company’s in town with our Run with the Bulls Packages
 Cheap Running of the Bulls Package

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