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Running of the Bulls
Pamplona, Spain



Trip Length:

1-5 Days, July 5 - 15, 2019


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Where is Pamplona? How do I get there? Where else do you recommend in Spain?

Well, your questions are answered here!

First and foremost:

“How do I get to Pamplona?”

Getting to Pamplona isn’t that tough, there are many ways. Below we explain your options city by city in multiple transportation modes:

  • Via Train
  • Via Bus
  • Via Car
  • Via Plane (Yes, Pamplona has an airport)

We will start with the details of the train since it is, by far, the most popular method of travel among our guests. Odds are that you will probably be coming from one of the metropolitan cities of Madrid or Barcelona, and specific details from those respective cities are below.

Booking train tickets in Spain (not just for Pamplona)

The national train of Spain is named Renfe, and they have a series of trains that frequent Pamplona, especially during the San Fermin.

You are able to book your tickets 60 days out (May 4-13, 2018) on one of these two websites:

Rail Europe is based in the US and usually has a little higher rate than buying directly from Renfe. However, we would not be doing our job if we didn’t share that the Renfe website is notoriously full of errors and confusing translations. It might be worth the extra pennies for the peace of mind to book with the domestic company.

You can buy train tickets once you arrive in Spain as well, just do not expect to have the most ideal path. The non-stops are usually sold out, so you will have a layover in a city such as Zaragoza, where you will need to board another train. When purchasing tickets in Spain, there will be an English option at each ticket kiosk.

TRAVEL TIP – Finding discounts

Buying a round trip train ticket instead of two one-way tickets comes out to about 20% cheaper.

If you are positive about you travel times and dates, you can get discounts for buying in advance. However, these are typically non-refundable.

Traveling to Pamplona by train from the Madrid

Madrid is home to the largest airport in Spain, so you will likely find more flight options here than any other city in Spain. If you are flying into Madrid–Barajas Airport (MAD), here is how you would find your way to Pamplona.

There is a frequent roundtrip train that runs from Madrid Atocha (The city’s main station) to the airport. The cost is about 3 Euros per person each way, and the train picks up and drops off at Terminal 4 (T4) at the airport. The trip between Atocha and the Aeroporto will take about 30 minutes each way.

Once at Atocha, you are able to take trains all over Spain, including Pamplona. The trip from Madrid to Pamplona is typically 3 hours non-stop.

Traveling to Pamplona by bus from Madrid

Since public transportation is so prevalent throughout Europe, you can expect a clean and safe bus to get you to Pamplona. There will be numerous starting options throughout Madrid, but there will only be one station in Pamplona that is located just 800 meters from our hotel.

The Pamplona bus station is identified as “Pamplona-Iruna” and tickets can be purchased here.

Traveling to Pamplona by car from Madrid

The drive from Madrid to Pamplona is 240 miles and takes around 3.5 hours. There isn’t much to see besides fields of crops, and be prepared for seemingly non-stop roundabouts. However, as you approach the city of Pamplona, there are some ancient aqueducts that are pleasing to the eyes. The Pyrenees Mountains serve as a nice backdrop once in the Iruna region.

Travel Tip: Be sure to remember that manual transmission is the norm in Spain, so if you do not know how to drive a stick shift, be sure to rent an automatic car. Rental car companies rarely have automatic cars readily available in their lots, so this isn’t always an easy fix in case you accidentally rent a manual transmission.

Traveling to Pamplona Spain

Traveling to Pamplona by train from the Barcelona

Barcelona is home to the second largest airport in Spain, and is a popular destination for our clients during their travels. Here is how you get to Pamplona from Barcelona.

One of the major train stations in Barcelona is called Sants (Estacion Sants), and you can get there via tram directly from the Barcelona Airport. The trip from Sants to Pamplona is typically 3.5 hours non-stop.

Traveling to Pamplona by bus from Barcelona

The Pamplona bus station is identified as “Pamplona-Iruna” and tickets can be purchased here.

Traveling to Pamplona by car from Barcelona

Travel Tip: As mentioned before, be sure to remember that manual transmission is the norm in Spain, so if you do not know how to drive a stick shift, be sure to rent an automatic car. Rental car companies rarely have automatic cars readily available in their lots, so this isn’t always an easy fix in case you accidentally rent a manual transmission.

Traveling to Pamplona from San Sebastian

The best way to get to San Sebastian is via bus (about an hour). During the month of July, there are frequent buses to/from Pamplona almost every half hour.

We do need to share that if you are planning to stay the night in San Sebastian and attend the bull run the following morning, the first bus will get you into town after the bulls have come and gone through the streets of Pamplona!

Here is information about the bus schedule, and here is where you can book tickets ahead of time.

Pamplona-Iruna Train Station

The train station in Pamplona is located 2.5 miles from our hotel, and there is usually a line of cabs out front during the San Fermin. Expect to pay about 5-10 Euros for the transfer.  You can walk as well, but with bags and the craziness that will have already ensued in Pamplona, it is much simpler to get a taxi and save your feet for the town!

We used to offer transfers from the airport/train station, but with so many people coming in and the inevitable delays that take place in the Spanish transportation system, it makes much more sense for you to find your way to the hotel, and we’ll meet you there.

Pamplona-Iruna Bus Station

Traveling to Pamplona Spain

Located on the edge of Park Ciudadela, this underground station is ideally located for those staying at the AC Ciudad de Pamplona. There are ticket kiosks where English is an option for those looking to book bus tickets on site.

You can also purchase tickets online here.

Pamplona Airport

Traveling to Pamplona Spain

Aeropuerto de Pamplona

This is sometimes not considered because many people do not realize that Pamplona does, in fact, have an airport, its code being PNA. It may have only two gates, but there are daily flights from both Madrid and Barcelona.

In 2017, the airlines that included Pamplona in their destinations were Iberia, British Airways, and Vueling Airlines.The good part about this is the flights are competitive with the trains in terms of pricing. The bad news, the majority of the flights are in the afternoon or later. Considering that most of the flights coming from the US land early in the morning, you can expect a hearty layover in either Madrid or Barcelona.  If you just keep moving, you can sometimes arrive in Pamplona faster via train or bus.

"Me and my friend recently booked a trip with Toby and his crew for the running of the bulls and needless to say it was fantastic. Everyone worked so hard to make the trip as easy and fun as possible.  They completely took the guess work out of the whole trip. One of the best trips I ever took and I will be booking my next event with them for sure."

Ian Lueckemeyer, 2018 Pamplona Client

Toby & co. put together an incredible Pamplona experience for a large group of us. Can’t recommend them enough.

Brendan Hastings, 2018 Pamplona Client

Bucket List Team - We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and getting to know you guys. My husband was able to accomplish one of this dreams. We look forward to another Bucket List trip with you guys in the future!

The Calvarusos, 2018 Pamplona Client

"A HUGE thank you to Toby & Rich (& all the ladies) from Bucket List Events... these guys made our run with the bulls experience run so very smoothly. You guys went above & beyond to provide an AWESOME experience. We had such a blast along the way, meeting beautiful people who loved life. It was a blast meeting you all!!"

Simone Mamo, 2018 Pamplona Client

Our experience with Bucket List Events was all we hoped for, and the running with the bulls amazing. Pamplona is a fun town food and lodging excellent. Toby and the bucket list team were on top of everything and very knowledgeable. Amazing trip!!!

Gordon Z, 2017 Pamplona Client

We booked a trip with Bucket List Events to Run With the Bulls in 2017. It was the best decision we could have made. Our experience doing the event and being guided by Toby and his team was amazing. They put together a first-rate package that was flawless. They were knowledgeable, accommodating and very friendly. We bonded right away and the fun began! They showed us the town, arranged great meals, and were available whenever we needed them. They were never without ideas and suggestions and took charge to be sure we all had a good time. Our group of ten highly recommends Bucket List Events for the chance to Run With The Bulls!

Brett and Liz K, 2017 Pamplona Clients

The Bucket List Event team were hands down the best, funniest, and on-the-ball team I have ever planned anything with! They had our events well planned out, orchestrated on time and thought out. The staff were all so great and made this vacation a memorable one!

Ashley B, 2017 Pamplona Client

I spent 3 days with remarkable guides and new friends I made so easily. Whether this was your first trip out of your home country or your 105th, Bucket List Events goes "beyond" to deliver comfort, ease, history, tales of the past, and great food at fabulous restaurants. I've made travel friends for a lifetime and many more events planned in the future.

Dr. Dian O., 2017 Pamplona Client

The experience itself was well worth the journey, truly a one of a kind event and lifelong memory. The guidance and team from Bucket List events was also incredible, helping to ensure we had the time of our lives. Thanks for all the help and the amazing memories!

Gwyn L., 2016 Pamplona Client

Crazy organized with 100% effort in our comfort. Our large group, consisting of two families, participated in the running of the bulls in Spain.  Toby and crew made us and all parties with us feel completely involved in the festival. Could not be more pleased. We would use them again in a heart beat.

Shaun P., 2016 Pamplona Client