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SXSW Austin 2017
Austin, Texas .

Wristbands / Tickets / Badges


Badges are available to purchase and are required to access the SXSW Conference, Festival and Trade Show events. You can register online for your choice of events (Music, Film or Interactive) or purchase a combination of multiple. Prices for badges go up with time, so consider getting yours now!


Austinites (or those with a credit card with a billing zip code within the Austin area) are eligible to get a Music Wristband. These are limited and much cheaper than the full badge, but badges still get priority in lines. Hence, you are not guaranteed to get to see the events you want to with a wristband. In 2012, SXSW organizers cut off sales of these one-month out from the festival. From the release: “The SXSW Music Festival takes place Tuesday, March 13 – Sunday, March 18, 2012 on 95 stages throughout central Austin with 2000 bands performing. Online purchase requires a credit card with a billing zip code in the Austin area.”

Do I really have to pay to go to the shows I want to?

That all depends…there are several free shows and events you can attend all over town, but it usually involves some dreadfully long lines and is confusing to navigate without the help of a local pro SXSWer! That’s where we can help you out and would love to be your host. We can take you behind the scenes, to the underground venues and shows where most of the fun happens!


Parties / RSVP Lists

Both official and unofficial, parties are popping up every night around Austin during SXSW! Often packed with great music live band performances, freebie products, open bars and high energy, the nightlife is some of the most fun you will have, ever. We can help you get on the lists and plan out your party pathway.


Statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn

Photo: http://www.purevolume.com


Statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn

Photo: http://galleryblacklagoon.wordpress.com

During [Pan Ams], I had an entire [Bucket List Events] cheering section! It was an awesome feeling to have a group of people excited for me because the guides were just as excited as my parents!...

Alicia DeShasier, 2011 gold medalist in javelin (Pan American Games)