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The Masters
Augusta, GA . April 5-11, 2021
Jeff Travis Wansley

“Bucket List was great to work with for Masters experience in Augusta, Ga. Great offerings and quality staff on the ground!”

Jeff Travis Wansley
Jeff Travis Wansley

“Bucket List was great to work with for Masters experience in Augusta, Ga. Great offerings and quality staff on the ground!”

Jeff Travis Wansley

Masters 2020

The Masters is typically held the first full week of April.  However, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Masters 2020 has been postponed to November 9-15, 2020.  This will be a historic opportunity to witness the Masters 2020 played in the fall.  The hardwood trees will be brilliantly colored with red, orange and yellow leaves.  And the players will still be trying to win the most coveted prize in golf, the green jacket. 

Should Masters 2020 in November be cancelled, you can roll your booking over to the next year.  You have no risk.

If your preference is to attend Masters 2021 in April, then click here.

We have all of your Masters needs in Augusta covered.  Lodging, meals, transportation and of course, Masters 2020 tickets.

Masters 2020 Tickets – All of our Masters tickets include:

  • Valet parking
  • Access to the grounds of the historic Perrin House
  • A hot breakfast with open bar.  Start your morning with an omelette and Bloody Mary.
  • Daily ticket to watch the golf tournament
  • A multi-course, cooked-to-order dinner with open bar, prepared by our celebrity chef
  • On-site Wi-Fi, big screen TV broadcast of the tournament
  • On-site sponsors.  Let the folks from Glenlivet pour you a scotch.

2020 Masters Tickets by Day – November 2020

(Valet Parking, Breakfast, Dinner & Open Bar, Course Access)

Day Price Per Person
Monday Practice Round $850
Tuesday Practice Round $950
Wednesday Practice Round & Par-3 Tournament $1650
Thursday Competitive Round $2250
Friday Competitive Round $1950
Saturday Competitive Round $1950
Sunday Competitive Round & Green Jacket Ceremony $1950

Ticket prices are above face value.  MyBucketListEvents, LLC is not in any way sponsored by, affiliated with, nor a partner of The Masters Golf Tournament, Augusta National Golf Club, or Augusta National, Inc. and the use of the word “The Masters” is for descriptive and informational purposes only.

What will the weather be like in November at the Masters?

According to our friends at Weather.com, the average high temperature in Augusta for the month of November is 69 degrees.  The average low temperature is 41 degrees.  That’s 8 degrees cooler, on average, than the typical day in April.

In our experience, the weather in Augusta in the shoulder months will vary over the course of the week.  We have a saying about the weather at the Masters — At least one day will be hot, at least one day will be cold, and at least one day it will rain.  We expect that will hold true for the November Masters, as well.

What time is sunset for the November Masters?

The days will definitely be shorter in November than in April.  In fact, they will be almost two and a half hours shorter. Whereas sunset in April would normally fall close to 8:00PM, the sunsets for the November Masters will be closer to 5:30PM.

For this reason, it seems safe to assume that tournament play will begin first thing in the morning.  Historically, the first tee times for the final rounds are usually about 10:30AM, but you can expect them to start a couple hours earlier in November.

If weather limits play, there is also the possibility of starting players off split tees on one or more days.  This is rare for Augusta National, but not without recent precedent.  The final Sunday round played in 2019, won by Tiger Woods, was started on split tees so they could conclude play before incoming storms arrived.

What about the azaleas?

Azaleas are typically a springtime flower, so the groundskeepers may opt for other fall-blooming plants.  However, there is a breed of azalea called the Encore that has been cross-bred to bloom in the late summer and fall so there is some hope for azaleas in November.  Augusta National has the finest horticulturists in the world who will be working overtime to make the course look spectacular in fall colors.  It will be exciting to see what they come up with

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