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{OLD} 2020 Tokyo Summer Games
Tokyo, Japan . 17 Days. Jul 24 - Aug 9, 2020

The BLE Travel Guide to Tokyo

If you needed an excuse to visit one of the most remarkable and exciting cities in the world, let the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo be your reason.

With 37 million people living in the greater metropolis, Tokyo is the single most populous urban area in the world. The sheer volume and density of people (both residents and tourists) have a unique and unmistakable influence on daily life in the city. Immediately upon arrival in Tokyo, you will feel that this is an atmosphere unlike any other.

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Guide to Tokyo Overview

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and therefore the seat of the Japanese Emperor and the center for Japanese government. Tokyo is located on the southeastern edge of the Japanese main island of Honshu. In Japanese, the name means “East Capital.”

tokyo map


Tokyo is the single most populous city in the world. There are 13 million people living in Tokyo-proper, with another 2.4 million commuting into the city daily. The greater metropolitan area is comprised of 47 prefectures and is home to 37 million people. Tokyo is visited by nearly 425 million tourists every year.


As one of the world’s most important high-tech capitals, Tokyo is home to 51 Fortune 500 companies. The city also holds the number one rank on the Global Economic Power Index. Tokyo is also a hugely important international finance hub, ranking among New York and London as one of the world’s most influential financial command centers. Other influential industries are timber, fishing, and tourism.


The Tokyo area was first settled in the 12th century by a fishing clan and originally named Edo. The area started to become nationally recognized in 1603, when Tokugawa Ieyasu became a shogun and declared the town his military and governmental capital. Over the next 400 years, Tokyo would become the true seat of the country’s imperial and economic powers.

tokyo shogun


Places to See in Tokyo

Tokyo is a fascinating blend of old and new. Experience its unique mix of ultra-modern technology and ancient tradition.

The Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens

Shinjuku Gyoen is the Japanese equivalent of Central Park, and is one of the world’s most remarkable urban green spaces.

shinjuku national gardens tokyo travel

The Meiji Jingu Shrine

This famous Shinto shrine is dedicated to the deified spirits of the Emperor and Empress  Meiji. The site is wonderfully serene, and many visitors leave prayers and wishes on little pieces of paper.

Tokyo travel meiji jingu

The Tokyo National Museum

One of the largest art museums in the world, the Tokyo National Museum houses an awe-inspiring collection of Asian art and historical artifacts.

tokyo national museum travel

The Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Square is Tokyo’s equivalent of Time Square. Prepare yourself for bright lights, huge crowds, and incredible heights.

shibuya square tokyo travel

Food in Tokyo

From street food, to fine dining, to novelty restaurants (Robot Cafe, anyone?), Tokyo truly runs the gamut for amazing and diverse cuisine. Experience world-renowned seafood, sushi, yakitori, and ramen. While Tokyo can be pricey at times, there are amazing deals to be found when it comes to street food. Just make sure you don’t eat while walking! This is considered very rude in Japanese culture.

Ramen Tokyo Dining

Plus, Japanese cuisine is wonderfully accommodating for dietary restrictions of all sort. Don’t eat red meat? The Japan is the birthplace of sushi, and the Japanese adore seafood. Gluten free? Most starches are riced based. Vegan? You’ll find vegetable dishes that stand alone wonderfully.

Sushi Tokyo Dining


Tokyo Nightlife

The nightlife in the world’s most populated city is as wild and world-class as you would expect. From beloved Karaoke bars to hip dives, sexy modern dance clubs to punk music venues, Tokyo truly has something for everyone.

tokyo nightlife travel

Shopping in Tokyo

With a booming high-tech industry, colorful media, and a trend-setting fashion scene, Tokyo offers a shopping experience unlike any other. Purchase gadgets for every use under the sun, from the super-practical and high-quality, to the wacky and inventive. If you’re feeling brave, explore the notorious adult toy shops. If you prefer something a bit cuter, there is plenty of Kawaii happiness to go around. Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, exploring Tokyo’s many malls and markets is a fabulous way to spend the day – there is so much to look at!

Want to learn more about what you absolutely need to see and do in Tokyo? Check out our Ultimate Tokyo Bucket List on our blog.

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