Augusta Tournament Program
Augusta, GA . April 4-10, 2022

The Masters Tips & FAQs

The Masters Golf Tournament is sometimes described as “Disneyland for Adults.”  Many people will only make it once in their lifetime, making it the ultimate bucket list event. Here’s how to make the most of your time in Augusta with our Masters tips.

When is the Masters Golf Tournament?

The Masters Golf Tournament is always held in the first full week of April. 

Going to future Masters? Here they are for the next few years:

Masters 2021 Dates: April 5 – 11, 2021
Masters 2022 Dates: April 4 – 10, 2022

Where is the Tournament Held?

The Masters is always played in Augusta, Georgia at the Augusta National Golf Club. It is the only one of the four major golf tournaments that does not rotate venues.

How can I get tickets to the Masters?

The Masters has long been known as “the toughest ticket in sports.” However, the Augusta National offers a small number of tournament tickets online. You can enter their lottery here. We can help you with our ticket service included in our packages.

What is the best day to attend the Masters?

The Masters is a 7-day event, and each day is special. There are three days of Practice Rounds and then four days of Competitive Rounds. One notable difference is that cameras are allowed on the golf course during Practice Rounds but not on the Competitive Rounds. Here is a detailed breakdown with day-by-day tips:

  • Monday Practice Round: Cameras are allowed. Stand by the Clubhouse and watch the players arriving. This is also the best day for merchandise shopping, as high demand items will sell out later in the week.
  • Tuesday Practice Round: Cameras are allowed. Sit on #16 and watch players skip their ball across the water and onto the green. Get your picture taken at “Amen Corner.”
  • Wednesday Practice Round: Cameras are allowed. Walk the course in the morning, but head over to the par-3 Executive Course by 1:00 for the Par-3 Tournament. This tradition-rich event is really enjoyable and allows you to get very close to the players. Many players have their children serving as caddies, and they are in an especially festive mood.
  • Thursday Competitive Round: No cameras for the rest of the tournament. Start Thursday with the Ceremonial First Tee Shot, always taken by a legend of the tournament. Unlike the Practice Rounds, every shot counts now.
  • Friday Competitive Round: The good thing about Thursday and Friday is that no one has missed the cut, so all of your favorite golfers are guaranteed to still be playing.
  • Saturday Competitive Round: Often called “moving day.” Only the top 50 golfers (or anyone within 10 shots of the lead) are left playing, and everyone else has missed the cut. Those remaining are doing their best to get into the final pairing for Sunday. This is the day we know who will be in contention for the victory.
  • Sunday Competitive Round: It’s been said that the tournament doesn’t really begin until the back nine on Sunday. This is Championship Sunday and a winner will earn the coveted Green Jacket in the awards ceremony right about sunset. It is an amazing opportunity to watch the previous year’s champion place the green jacket onto the new winner.

Masters Tips Practice Rounds

  • You’re allowed to bring cameras in only during the practice rounds, so seize the opportunity! You can even bring in large DSLRs within reason, but don’t go overboard with your paparazzi lens.
  • Most visitors report that parking is generally not a problem on practice round days, and parking is free. Just get there a bit early and you’ll be good to go.
  • Do NOT bring in your cell phone, you’ll be banned from the course if you’re caught with it.
  • Unlike other events, food is generally affordable, so enjoy the grub inside Augusta!  Enjoy a ham and cheese on rye, or a pimento cheese sandwich.  Have a Moon Pie for dessert.
  • Get to the gift shop as early as you can. It’s the only place you can buy official Masters gear, and much of it sells out later in the week. You clean leave your purchases with the shop and pick them up later.
  • The best golfers tend to try to get through the practice rounds as early as possible to avoid the crowds. If you want to catch the greats, get there early.


Masters Tips – where to sit at the Masters?

  • Set down your chairs early to save your spot, and then walk the course. In general, no one will move your chairs once you claim your spot. Make sure your chairs meet the guidelines of Augusta National.
  • Some fan favorites are behind the #2, #7, and #9 greens, so check out these spots first to see if that’s where you want to post up.
  • Buy souvenirs as early as possible, as the gear tends to sell out. Lines may be long but are generally efficient. You can leave your purchases up front and pick them up later, as well as ship through UPS or Fedex
  • Get your picture taken at Amen Corner before it gets too crowded!

Where can I park at the Masters?

Augusta National provides ample free parking on the North side of the golf course. There are also drop-off points for taxis, shuttles or ride-sharing services.

Where can we eat at the Masters?

Augusta National is famous for their inexpensive concessions, including traditional sandwiches, desserts, beverages and beer. You will be pleasantly surprised by the low cost of food and drink out on the course.

What is the Masters Green Jacket?

Since 1937, members of Augusta National wear their signature green jackets during the tournament to make them easy to identify. Winners of the tournament become honorary members, and thus receive a Green Jacket as a prize. However, they are not allowed to take the jacket with them after the tournament! They must keep the jacket year-round in their locker in the Champion’s Locker Room.

Does the Masters winner also earn a trophy?

In addition to their Green Jacket the winner of the Masters receives a trophy that is a replica of the Augusta National Golf Club clubhouse.

Where are the best places on the course to watch golf?

Augusta National has many great places to watch golf, including plenty of grandstands.  Some of the most notable are:

  • Amen Corner: From a single vantage point you can watch the players make their putts on #11, then watch them play the magnificent #12, and finally see them tee off on #13.
  • #16: This par-3 over water is an excellent place to watch golf, especially during Practice Rounds where the players will often make an attempt to skip their ball across the water. From this hole it is also possible to watch the players making their putts on #15.
  • #6: There are numerous vantage points around this par-3 hole that allow you to view as many as four holes simultaneously.
  • Any Tee Box: It’s worth finding a good spot up close to a tee box and waiting as multiple groups play through
  • #1 Tee Box:  If you stand under the giant oak tree by the clubhouse, you can watch all of the greats move from the clubhouse to the tee box for their first shot.  This is the best place to be on Thursday morning, to watch the ceremonial first tee shot by a legend of the game.

Learn more about the history of the course at August National Golf Club, here.


Can I get autographs while at the Masters?

Autographs are never allowed on the golf course during Masters week, including both Practice Rounds and Competitive Rounds.

Autograph seekers can however wait at the practice range and players will often oblige.

The Par 3 Tournament typically provides the best opportunity for autographs, as the players are typically in a convivial mood. Make sure to have a pen and something ready for them to sign (usually a Masters flag or ball cap).

Who gets invited to the Masters Tournament?

  • Former winners of the Masters have a lifetime exemption to play in the tournament.
  • Winners of the last five US Open, British Open, PGA and Players Championships
  • Winner and runner-up from the most recent US Amateur Championship,
  • Winner of the most recent British Amateur Championship,
  • Winner of the most recent Asia Amateur Championship,
  • The top 12 finishers from the previous year’s Masters,
  • The top 4 finishers in last year’s US Open, British Open, and PGA Championship
  • The top 50 golfers in the world via the Official World Golf Ranking at the end of the last calendar year and from the week prior to the Masters.
  • The committee also reserves to right to invite any international golfer it chooses that has not otherwise qualified for the tournament.

Who makes the cut at the Masters Tournament?

The Top 50 players plus ties and also anyone within 10 strokes of the lead are allowed to continue playing on Saturday.

What is the Champions Dinner at the Masters?

On Tuesday night of the Masters, all former champions are invited to a prestigious dinner at the Clubhouse. The previous year’s champion has the honor of choosing the menu for the occasion. Most champions choose a menu that is representative of the regional cuisine of their homeland.

Is there a recommended meeting spot on the Augusta National Golf Course?

Finding someone in a sea of humanity can be a daunting challenge. A couple of handy locations are the large scoreboard on the #1 fairway or the large oak tree just in front of the Clubhouse. Both landmarks are close to the entrance, and afford you the best opportunity to find one another.

What are the best accommodations for the Masters?

Augusta, Georgia is not known for 5-star hotel accommodations. The majority of hotels are of the 3-star variety. Be prepared to pay a 5-star price however, as demand is very high for Masters week, and rooms become scarce.

Less expensive hotel options can be found in Columbia, SC which is about an hour drive from the golf course.

Hotels are plentiful in Atlanta, but the drive in traffic can ruin an otherwise enjoyable Masters experience. We recommend staying in or near Augusta for a better overall experience.

Many residents of Augusta rent out their homes for Masters week. The school system coordinates their spring break to fall on the same week, so families rent out their homes and leave town. This can be a great option, especially if you are coming to the Masters with a group of 4 or more guests.

Masters Tips for Merchandise Shopping at the Masters?

One of the grandest traditions of the Masters is shopping for merchandise. The clothing and memorabilia can only be purchased onsite and in person during the week of the Masters. Augusta National does not sell merchandise online ever. So you have to be there to buy it.

Many high demand items will sell out over the course of the week, and once they are gone, they are gone for good! So go to the merchandise shop early in your trip.

Augusta National has a check stand as well as Federal Express and UPS Shipping Centers located immediately next to the exit of the merchandise center so you do not have to worry about lugging your bags out onto the golf course.

What is the weather like at the Masters?

There is a saying in Augusta that for every Masters there will be at least one day where it is hot, one day where it is cold, and at least one day where it rains! Springtime typically bring highs in the 80’s and overnight lows in the 50’s, but the weather can be unpredictable and extreme. Thus, we encourage all guests to bring comfortable clothes for either extreme. A light jacket is a must, as many days start out cold but then warm up by midday.

It’s also a good idea to bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and very comfortable walking shoes.

What items are prohibited from the Masters Tournament?

  • Augusta National does not allow purses, bags or backpacks larger than 10” x 10”x 12”
  • There are no electronics allowed on the course, including cell phones, tablets, tvs, radios, beepers, walkie-talkies and pagers.
  • You may not bring coolers, strollers, flags, or food onto the course.
  • No ladders, periscopes or selfie sticks are allowed.
  • Do not bring anything with large corporate logos that might be seen on TV. This includes umbrellas and your clothing.
  • Cameras are allowed for Practice Rounds, but are strictly forbidden during Competitive Rounds

How are Golfers Chosen for Invitation to the Masters?

  • Masters Tournament Champions (Lifetime)
  • US Open Champions (Honorary, non-competing after 5 years)
  • British Open Champions (Honorary, non-competing after 5 years)
  • PGA Champions (Honorary, non-competing after 5 years)
  • Winners of The Players Championship (Three years)
  • Current Olympic Gold Medalist (One year)
  • Current US Amateur Champion (Honorary, non-competing after 1 year) and the runner-up to the current US Amateur Champion
  • Current British Amateur Champion (Honorary, non-competing after 1 year)
  • Current Asia-Pacific Amateur Champion
  • Current Latin America Amateur Champion
  • Current US Mid-Amateur Champion
  • The first 12 players, including ties, in the previous year’s Masters Tournament
  • The first 4 players, including ties, in the previous year’s US Open Championship
  • The first 4 players, including ties, in the previous year’s British Open Championship
  • The first 4 players, including ties, in the previous year’s PGA Championship
  • Winners of PGA Tour events that award a full-point allocation for the season-ending Tour Championship, from previous Masters to current Masters
  • Those qualifying for the previous year’s season-ending Tour Championship
  • The 50 leaders on the Final Official World Golf Ranking for the previous calendar year
  • The 50 leaders on the Official World Golf Ranking published during the week prior to the current Masters Tournament

Insider Masters Tips for Package Options:

These are a few ideas our Masters experts about the best days to visit the course.

Masters tips for Opening Day:

Attending a practice round can be the most rewarding experience for a golf enthusiast. Typically, Monday rounds are a little less crowded than the competitive rounds allowing one to walk the hallowed grounds slightly less impeded.

Additionally, your access to the Masters Pro Shop on the grounds is much quicker and you’re more likely to find your size and items of interest during this time frame. Also, you’ll find most golfers to be more relaxed during these rounds and more likely to interact with the gallery.

Lastly, we highly recommend bringing a camera with you during the practice rounds as you cannot do so during the tournament round days.

Masters tips on Two-Night Practice Rounds:

Visit Tuesday and Wednesday to see the practice rounds. These are our favorite days because you get to see a distinct side of the athletes. During the Tuesday round you’ll see most of the golfers participate in the famed Par-3 Challenge where you’ll see a variety of trick shots, hole-in-ones, crowd interaction, and children carrying clubs for their fathers. On Wednesday you’ll see the golfers transform into focused machines aiming to become the next owner of a Green Jacket.

Masters tips on 3-Night Tournament Rounds:

These two rounds represent the meat of the tournament and allow you to see the athletes play on Thursday and Friday. I would use one of the days to simply walk the golf course and observe the beauty in front of you that you’ve likely only seen on TV before. The other day, I would try to focus on the golf and perhaps post up on a few holes to watch the golfers come through during the day.

Masters tips on Championship Sunday:

You’ll be seeing the most famous play of the whole tournament, with for Saturday and Sunday to see the final championship play. This is the best of the best. Your stay includes accommodations from Friday night all the way through Sunday morning. If you want all the excitement, all the glory, all the passion of the Masters, this one’s for you.

Masters tips (Other):

Private homes are great option for parties that include couples, groups of friends or corporate gatherings. This is the most budget-friendly option we offer and it happens to be the most relaxing and private, as well.


Traveled with my parents, wife, and two oldest boys this year and Bucket List Events did not disappoint. First class service! The Hospitality area and base camp were fantastic. Shuttle to and from the course made it stress free. Wednesday practice round allowed my sons to high five the vast majority of current players and legends of the game. The North Augusta home that was secured for us was nothing short of amazing. I would not hesitate to use Bucket List again and quite certain my family will on other future events.

Dr. Gaspard, 2018 Masters Client