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San Diego

Trip Length:

4 days/ 3 nights


Call us toll-free at 1-866-343-6133

We are in the process of crafting our full Comic-Con 2018 travel packages, please inquire to save your spot.

For 2018 we are still creating new Comic-Con travel packages to optimize your stay. These are especially helpful for international visitors that aren’t familiar with San Diego or similar travel in the US. We’ll make you feel at home in your stay.

Comic-Con Parties/Hospitality

One of the coolest things about San Diego’s Comic Con Convention is not just that pop culture transcends up on the city in a massive and disruptive way, but also that there are really cool VIP parties and hospitality gigs throughout Downtown San Diego.

At Bucket List Events, we can help get you into some of the city’s coolest gigs during Comic-Con. Some of these are included in your Tour Package (hyperlink). Some of these we get last minute. Either way, you’ll get access to what we have access to as a valued Bucket List Events client.

We’ll have lists of what’s going on every day in Downtown San Diego. Half the fun of Comic Con is what happens outside of the convention center!