Beijing Winter Games
Beijing, China . Feb 4-20, 2022
Melissa Budd-Wilcowski

I highly recommend Bucket List Events! Thank you for showing our group a fantastic time! Every activity was well organized and so much fun!

Melissa Budd-Wilcowski
Melissa Budd-Wilcowski

I highly recommend Bucket List Events! Thank you for showing our group a fantastic time! Every activity was well organized and so much fun!

Melissa Budd-Wilcowski
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Enhance your 2022 Winter Games experience with our add-ons for the Winter Games travel packages –

Traveling to China during the Beijing Winter Games will be an experience of a lifetime.  Consider enhancing your Winter Games travel packages by adding one of our offered add-on experiences.  Stay in the mountains, take a day trip to several amazing regional sites, and plan other one of a kind additional cultural activities.

-Three Night Mountain Experience
-Great Wall Day Trip
-Additional Activities

Three Night Mountain Experience

It’s the best of both worlds – With this experience, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the mountain region and the city of Beijing as you soak up the full atmosphere.  Current guests may add this three night and four day experience prior to any six, nine, twelve, or eighteen night city or mountain package.  Arrive early and experience more!

Dates:  January 31, 2022 – February 3, 2022

Whether your standard winter games package is based in the mountains or the city, you’ll enjoy your added experience and time at our Winter Games mountain hotel property, Thaiwoo Resort Hotel, located in the heart of the Thaiwoo Village. This beautiful mountain hotel includes daily breakfast, hotel amenities, and rooms that can accommodate up to three guests. Guests will arrive on January 31, 2022.  For guests moving to the city after this experience, the high speed train ticket is included with your add-on package.

Pricing: +$2,950 USD per person (double occupancy – limited availability)
* please contact us for triple occupancy pricing.

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Great Wall Excursion – Day Trip

About 2000 years ago, the Great Wall of China was built.  This in China’s most famous attraction and considered a wonder of the world.  It’s stretches over 3,000 miles long and winds through rugged terrain of the several provinces of northern china.  It is one of the most impressive ancient structures of the world.  No trip to China is complete without experiencing the Great Wall.  Bucket List Events will offer guests the opportunity to book day trips to experience the wall.  We recommend leaving a little time in your schedule to experience this famous must see destination.

Pricing: TBD (offered daily – limited availability)

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Additional Activities

All package guests will have the opportunity to add on additional organized cultural activities during their stay.  Additional costs will apply.  Activities are historically offered randomly throughout the duration of the Games and a list of those options will be offered during the Summer of 2021.   These activities are a great way to fill up time during your Beijing experience while giving you the ability to discover more.

Past activities offered in host cities have included food/cooking tours, sight-seeing tours, market tours, unique experiences, night life tours, etc.  Beijing is no exception…and the possibilities are endless!

Pricing: TBD (a list of cultural activities will be announced during the Summer of 2021 and can be added at that time).

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About Us

Bucket List Events has visited every Games since the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney and hosted thousands of guests at the Summer and Winter Games, including general fans, enthusiasts, multi-generational families, curious travelers, and many families of the athletes in the competition. We prioritize making the event fun while providing safe and convenient access to the Winter Games and all of the sights and culture of the host city. Please join us at the 2022 Winter Games as we explore Beijing together!