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Running of the Bulls
Pamplona, Spain



Trip Length:

1-5 Days, July 5 - 15, 2019


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Information about Pamplona

Information about Pamplona

Pamplona’s got more than Sangria and Bulls!

Pamplona (or Iruna, – as it is called in Euskera-Basque Language) is a fairly small provincial capital. As of 2018, the city’s population totaled less than 200,000 people. It sits under the shadow of the Pyrenees, about 30 miles south of the mountain range. Without the San Fermin Festival, it would probably go mostly unnoticed.

Apart from the San Fermin Festival, perhaps the best thing about Pamplona is its surroundings – the countryside, indeed, the whole of the province of Navarra has striking qualities – particularly its natural landscape.


Bars and nightlife might seem to be the only thing that exists in Pamplona if you show up in the city right in the middle of San Fermin. They say that Pamplona has more bars than Bangkok! While it has to be admitted that the bars are frequented regularly by the locals all through the year, San Fermines definitely provides an opportunity to have their cash cow. So if you’re into drinking, Pamplona will please you to no end. But please be courteous and don’t destroy or vandalize the bars as foreigners are doing more and more every year.

Information about Pamplona


Summer in Pamplona tends to be hot and dry. But a torrential downpour can occur on occasion as well. Pack accordingly. Most of the days it’s pretty hot while it cools a bit at night.
One day, you’ll be wanting to take all your clothes off (because it’s hot, not because you’ve had too much sangria). The next day you might be cursing yourself for not bringing a jacket.

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Information about Pamplona

The symbol of Camino de Santiago

Since the ninth century, more than a million people have made the pilgrimage to the Santiago de Compostela, a cathedral in the northwest corner of Spain, where the bones of St. James are said to have been discovered. Pamplona is the first city that the pilgrim’s route passes through on the road to Compostela and many pilgrims can be seen making the trek through Pamplona. The city also has its share of religious sites to see including a Gothic bridge and cathedral. The city of Pamplona’s tourist website has a full listing of these religious sites if you’re interested in some Pilgrim and church sightseeing.

These scalloped shells are seen around Pamplona on the sidewalks and streets, guiding the pilgrims on their route to Santiago de Compostela.


For some people the lack of language is no problem; but for others it is. In Pamplona, people speak Spanish and Basque, but most haven’t got much further than that. Don’t expect to have any profound conversations with the locals in any other language. If you want to converse with them it helps to have at least a basic understanding of Spanish. And the advantage is that you can get a much better idea of what’s going on around you. If you can’t speak to them, you’ll still have a great time at the Fiesta, but it probably means that you are going to be spending a lot of your time in the “ghetto” with other foreigners!

"Me and my friend recently booked a trip with Toby and his crew for the running of the bulls and needless to say it was fantastic. Everyone worked so hard to make the trip as easy and fun as possible.  They completely took the guess work out of the whole trip. One of the best trips I ever took and I will be booking my next event with them for sure."

Ian Lueckemeyer, 2018 Pamplona Client

Toby & co. put together an incredible Pamplona experience for a large group of us. Can’t recommend them enough.

Brendan Hastings, 2018 Pamplona Client

Bucket List Team - We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and getting to know you guys. My husband was able to accomplish one of this dreams. We look forward to another Bucket List trip with you guys in the future!

The Calvarusos, 2018 Pamplona Client

"A HUGE thank you to Toby & Rich (& all the ladies) from Bucket List Events... these guys made our run with the bulls experience run so very smoothly. You guys went above & beyond to provide an AWESOME experience. We had such a blast along the way, meeting beautiful people who loved life. It was a blast meeting you all!!"

Simone Mamo, 2018 Pamplona Client

Our experience with Bucket List Events was all we hoped for, and the running with the bulls amazing. Pamplona is a fun town food and lodging excellent. Toby and the bucket list team were on top of everything and very knowledgeable. Amazing trip!!!

Gordon Z, 2017 Pamplona Client

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Brett and Liz K, 2017 Pamplona Clients

The Bucket List Event team were hands down the best, funniest, and on-the-ball team I have ever planned anything with! They had our events well planned out, orchestrated on time and thought out. The staff were all so great and made this vacation a memorable one!

Ashley B, 2017 Pamplona Client

I spent 3 days with remarkable guides and new friends I made so easily. Whether this was your first trip out of your home country or your 105th, Bucket List Events goes "beyond" to deliver comfort, ease, history, tales of the past, and great food at fabulous restaurants. I've made travel friends for a lifetime and many more events planned in the future.

Dr. Dian O., 2017 Pamplona Client

The experience itself was well worth the journey, truly a one of a kind event and lifelong memory. The guidance and team from Bucket List events was also incredible, helping to ensure we had the time of our lives. Thanks for all the help and the amazing memories!

Gwyn L., 2016 Pamplona Client

Crazy organized with 100% effort in our comfort. Our large group, consisting of two families, participated in the running of the bulls in Spain.  Toby and crew made us and all parties with us feel completely involved in the festival. Could not be more pleased. We would use them again in a heart beat.

Shaun P., 2016 Pamplona Client