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The Story of Bucket List Events

We’re a small company with big dreams. Based in Austin, Texas, Bucket List Events was founded by avid sports fans and global travelers who wanted to build a company from the ground up just to make sure we could attend the world’s most exciting events every year. But our mission isn’t about us—we are in the business of bringing together family, friends, and like-minded travelers to make memories that last a lifetime and, of course, check things off your bucket list! We strive to provide affordable access for our clients to the most epic experiences in the world. And to do it all with that extra kick of local knowledge you can’t get anywhere else. It’s a big job, but someone’s gotta do it.


You might ask yourself why you should trust us to deliver your once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experience? Here are a few thoughts to consider:

  • We have the experience: The original version of the company was founded in 2004, and members of our team have been providing access to these events continuously since then. We have helped more than 10,000 clients check timeless events off their bucket list.
  • We value your feedback: We’re no corporate behemoth. The packages we offer are designed the way they are because that’s exactly how we would want our loved ones to experience these awesome destinations. And they’re constantly changing in response to feedback from travelers like you. We celebrate every 5-star testimonial we receive…and we’ve received quite a few.
  • We will be there with you: The person you work with to book your event will be the same person you meet at the event. There’s no middlemen. Nothing is lost in translation. When you call or email us, you are working directly with the person who will be fulfilling your experience.



We are constantly asked to help people get access to big events. But not every event is something we can help with. So let us help define why we choose the events that you will find on our website.

There must be a constrained item. Something that is hard to find on your own. For Masters Week, it is access to the golf course. For the Running of the Bulls, it is a balcony spot to view the bulls beneath you. For Oktoberfest, it is a beer tent reservation.  And for some events, like the Olympics, the hardest thing to get can often be a hotel room in the host city. With all of our events, there is always something that is hard to obtain, and we put our energy into finding reliable sources to deliver a high-quality experience. 

Someone must be very passionate about attending. There are plenty of events with constrained access to tickets, like concerts and sporting events. We are not particularly interested, however, in regular season football games or Taylor Swift’s next concert. We don’t consider either to be a true Bucket List experience. OK, in fairness, some Taylor Swift fans probably feel that way, and maybe we will help with that if you ask us nicely. But typically, we are here to provide access to the biggest events that people have dreamed of for years and want to check off their bucket list.

There’s more than a ticket. All of our events require more than just a ticket. In most cases, there is travel involved. That means airports, transfers, hotels, meals, tours, and a handful of other details that must all come together to ensure an epic experience. We are a turn-key provider and hopefully we have thought of everything you need to make the most of your bucket list experience.

We are the “4-star value option.” We are not always the best fit for someone on a tight budget. We do not offer hostels, or 2-star hotels, or obstructed view tickets. Likewise, we are not always the best fit for 5-star clients arriving on private jets demanding red carpets and backstage access. Instead, our sweet spot is someone that can afford to be there, but who still expects value. We have a knack for delivering the most bang for the buck at these events.  

Someone on our team enjoys the event. Because we are providing a turn-key product, someone on our team will be on-site to make sure everything is running smoothly. For that reason, it needs to be an event that we enjoy attending. We’re fans of these events, too. And if no one on our team likes the event, then you won’t find it on our website. But hey, if there’s an event that you think we are missing, feel free to tell us. We are always looking for the next great adventure.



We’ve been humbled to be mentioned in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Frommer’s Travel Guidesthe San Diego Business Journal, USA Today, Fox Newsand more.

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Perfect trip!!! First time to the Kentucky Derby and it was the best!! Bucket List events made the trip easy and fun. If I could rate over 5 stars. I would. Thank you all at Bucket List Events - especially Ben! “I’ll be back.”

Charles Haigler, 2023 Kentucky Derby Client

Brian and Rich are Masters of their craft! Our World Cup trip to Qatar was met with the highest regard to trip details and follow up. This was not my first experience with them and will not be my last! Ryder Cup 2023 Rome, here we come!

David Muto, 2022 World Cup Client

My son and I had an amazing time in Qatar for the World Cup, thanks to Bucket List Events. When I first started looking into options, Brian was helpful answering questions, gave me confidence that Bucket List was the way to go. Throughout our preparation and trip itself, Rich was great to work with, very responsive and made sure our experience in Qatar was outstanding. Given all the different elements of this trip, it was incredibly valuable having Bucket List make it all happen so smoothly, including our match tickets (outstanding seats & hospitality!), hotel, desert excursion, city tour and more! Thanks Rich and Bucket List for a fabulous and memorable experience!

Laurence Lucker, 2022 World Cup Client

This was my first World Cup and It was an amazing experience. Since it was my first time I was very nervous about the transaction but I decided to trust them. Rich delivered everything that he promised and went beyond since we needed an extra night in Doha and he was able to find us a hotel. I recommend BLE 100% to everyone who is looking to get access to this kind of world events.

Mike Salinas, 2022 World Cup Client

Dreams really do come true! Bucket List Events made our Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and NYC experience perfect. Ben was always knowledgeable and helpful and best of all always had a smile on his face. Can’t thank them enough for a wonderful and memorable time. Looking forward to traveling with them again.

Lori Soard, 2022 Macy’s Client

We booked with Bucket List Events for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Trip of a lifetime! They was great to deal with, including accommodating last minute ticket requests! Everything was well organized, communication from booking to departure was excellent - such a great experience!

Brian Gervais, 2022 World Cup Client

It was so well planned out and executed by Ben and his staff. The hardest part in any business/experience is matching the value in ‘dollar cost’ to the value in experience and this team did this perfectly. It was absolutely worth the price tag, and I’d recommend them to anyone, every time.

Kyle Shuman, 2022 Macy’s Client

Just wanted to thank you for your help in making such a memorable trip for my dad, uncle, and myself this week.   We had an absolute blast.  Everything from housing, hospitality, and transportation was top-notch.  Know how hard everyone was working to take care of people and can not imagine the logistics of pulling that off, but you all did it, and it was superb.

Thank you for making this happen for us.  Trip of a lifetime with special memories.

Ryan Hurley, 2022 Masters Client

We used Bucket List Events for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and weekend and it was excellent all around. They accommodated every request and every detail was perfect. There is no better way to enjoy New York City for Thanksgiving Day Weekend!

Karen Deschaine, 2022 Macy’s Client

They set up things I couldn't have even dreamed of doing, or planned myself. The team was extremely friendly and helpful, you can tell they LOVE what they do. Thanksgiving 2021 in NYC, check that off the bucket list in the most special way ever! Thank You Bucket List!!

Jamie Allen, 2021 Macy’s Client